Tuesday, July 18, 2017

July 18--Day 36--The Big News For Today

It didn't rain! Besides that, it was an uneventful day. But, here's some photos from last night.

Kathleen feeding her chickens

Mama hen and her chicks

Fancy pants



I actually left pretty early this morning. Having slept on a loveseat couch that was pretty comfortable, if not a little short, I decided upon Mary's recommendation, that I would have breakfast at a place called Sandy's. It was in Hancock. She said they open pretty early. As I was saying goodbye to Kathleen at 6:30, I told her I was going to go to this cafe. She said they didn't open until 7:30. Okay, I guess I won't do that. Instead, I stopped at the gas station/minimart, and had the equivalent of my usual breakfast, minus the banana. I had hot chocolate, an oatmeal cookie, and a chocolate donut. Okay, it wasn't quite my usual breakfast, but it was enough calories to get going.


As I said, it wasn't raining, but the fog was hanging in the trees.

Foggy Vermont

For the first time, I wore my arm warmers. I rode through Rochester, Stockbridge, Gaysville, to Bethel. That was a little over 20 miles of my 50 mile day. In Bethel, I stopped at a cafe for second, but kind of really first breakfast. My table overlooked a waterfall. Here's a photo of the waterfall from outside.

Bethel waterfall



Having filled up on French toast with real Vermont maple syrup, I got back on the route. By now, all the fog had burned off, and it was turning into a pretty warm day.


I stopped in Royalton to get a Vermont postcard for Grayson at a gift shop, then mailed it in South Royalton. 


In Sharon, I was at the beginning of a long climb, similar to the Middlebury Gap. I fortified with a bottle of Gatorade, then started up. Just like yesterday, the first part was killer steep. I was a huffin' and a puffin'. As it was now quite warm and humid, the sweat was dripping off my bare arms. Now I know how much sweat my sunsleeves absorb when I'm wearing them (usually I do). Again, there was no sign that I'd reached the top, other than the road going down. 


I came to South Strafford, but cruised on through. On the way to Thetford Center, there was a little road called Tucker Hill Rd. I was hoping I would be at the top and just get to cruise down. Nope, that was not the case. It was another leg buster, just not as long.


After Thetford Center, came another big climb to the second of the Thetford collection of towns, Thetford Hill. It was an appropriate name for a town, as it sat at the top of the hill. I descended to the turn to the campground which is just before the third town of the Thetford collection, East Thetford (the fourth Thetford town is North Thetford, but I will not go through it).

Look! A covered bridge!



I'm camped at a campground called "Rest n' Nest". You'd maybe think there would be a bird theme, but there is not. At $27, it's rather expensive, but I didn't have to pay anything for last night, so it's not too bad. Interestingly, just like yesterday, it had rained really hard just before I got here. I did not get any rain. Lucky me!





Tomorrow I will finish my brief time in Vermont, and cross into New Hampshire for, likely, an equally brief time.

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