Wednesday, July 12, 2017

July 11--Day 29--Let it Go, Let it Go

One would think I should just wait until later to do each day's blog post, and while that would be fine much of the time, it would mean I would be up pretty late some nights. Case in point, last night. As I was eating my dinner, Christine from across the way came over and invited me to dinner. She apologized for not coming sooner. When she said she was grilling zucchini, I said I'd go for that! Haven't been getting much in the way of veggies lately. I finished my pasta, then wandered over. Besides the delicious zucchini (okay, and the deluxe s'more--see photo), I had a great evening talking with Christine and Kathryn (guessing on spelling), Kathryn's girls, Haley and Holly, and the husbands, Pat, and....dang, I can't remember Kathryn's husband's name. If I still had to do my blog post, I'd been less inclined to enjoy the company (who am I kidding--I'd just be up late). Christine gave me a bunch of grapes, and the seasoning she used on the zucchini. It's not something I've seen, but it is delicious!

Deluxe S'more (with a peanutbutter cup)!



I did finally excuse myself as it was starting to rain more, and I needed to batten down the hatches. I didn't even bother to dry my dishes. I just wrapped them in the dish towel and stuck them in my chair under the vestibule of my tent.


The rain quit sometime in the middle of the night. By morning my tent was still wet, but not sopping wet. I said goodbye to Christine, and hit the road.


After Fair Haven, the route turned away from the lake. It was still rolling, but no big deal. It was pretty rural until I came into Fulton. I spied a Walmart, and figured I could get some more fuel fry stove. I'm not out, but it is often difficult to find. Walmart had the Coleman Iso-Pro, which is not my favorite, but it will do.


I stopped at a 7-11 to use the restroom, but they didn't have any public restrooms. I stopped again at a dairy store that had a restroom. I resisted getting ice cream. There was a young guy who asked me what I was doing. His name was Kyle! He might not have been the sharpest tool in the shed, but he was a nice guy.


Back on the road I was once again waging the war in my head about trying to make it back to Minneapolis in time for Grayson's birthday. I kept thinking, if I could make it to West Leyden today, that would put me ahead a day, so I could then take TWO days off (out of 82). Only problem was, there was no way I could make it to West Leyden. I kept trying to talk myself into trying to make it, but realizing I couldn't. Back and forth I waged this battle in my head--I really want to make it back by September 3rd...but that's impossible...but maybe I way I can...Finally, the song "Let it Go" from Frozen popped into my head (okay, just the Let it Go part because I don't know any of the other words). I looked at my map, saw Selkirk Shore State Park, and decided that's where I'd call it a day; even though I'd only gone 40 miles. It's nice to have another night on the shores of Lake Ontario.


So, unless something miraculous happens, I will not make it back to Minneapolis by September 3rd. I'm still in the process of accepting that, but for now, I've let it go.



I've taken the afternoon to do some laundry, and walk down to the beach. This is a pretty big park. Off in the distance there appears to be a nuclear plant. My map doesn't show me what it might be called.

Info about the park (a CCC park)

Path to the beach

See the nuclear plant in the distance?

Dipping my toes in Lake Ontario


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