Monday, July 10, 2017

July 9--Day 28--Goodbye Erie Canal, Hello Lake Ontario

This morning I had just a few more miles on the Erie Canal. I was back on the road at Palmyra. Here's a couple of parting shots.

Tree tunnel on the Erie Canal

Waterfall next to the Canal



Once I was back on the road, I was greeted by a number of rolling hills. They continued throughout the day. There were more when I was going east vs north. 


I got to Lake Ontario at a town called Puttneyville. I stopped for a break at a park on the lake. As it's Monday, the park was very quiet. 

Lake Ontario!



Along Lake Ontario, there were more and more orchards. The cherry trees were laden with cherries, and the apple trees with small apples. There were several fruit stands. I stopped at this one. Burnap Farms was more than a fruit stand. They also had pie. One slice looked awfully small, so I got a half of a pie--peach blueberry. I sat at a table and ate the entire thing. Yes, I ate half of a pie! I have to say, it was pretty good, but I was pretty full! 

Pie stop!



Periodically, I could feel that pie as I worked my way up and down the rolling hills. Before long, it was a distant memory as I came upon another fruit stand, this one with 24 flavors of soft serve ice cream. I needed another break, so I pulled in and had a German chocolate cone. It was tough to decide which flavor. What I should have done was gotten a child size in one flavor, then gone back and gotten another child size in a different flavor! Oh well, it was good. It was 12:30 when I had the ice cream. It's okay to ice cream as lunch (Ralph and I decided that yesterday).


I had originally planned to go to Sodus Point today. It was only 30 miles. I continued on to Fairhaven Beach State Park instead. I discovered today that New York State Parks charge an extra $5.00 for non-residents. I guess I understand. I don't pay taxes in New York, and I'm sure New Yorkers pay taxes that go toward their State Parks. Still, it's a bit of a sticker shock when I pay $25.00 for a tent site.


After my shower, I walked down to the beach. I picked up a Lake Ontario rock (this time, much smaller than my Lake Erie one). I walked all the way out to the end of the pier. There were a few people fishing. I asked a kid who was fishing out at the very end of the pier what he was fishing for. He said whatever bites. I've gotten that answer before. 

Fair Haven Beach

Walking out to the pier

No swimming, but you can BBQ!



The information about the park talks of these land formations called drumlins. Drumlins are long, egg-shaped hills. They were formed during the ice age when the ice compacted the earth. This is the Finger Lakes Region. Fair Haven Beach State Park is one of 29 facilities of the Finger Lakes State Parks Region.





Instead of 30 miles, I did 56. Now I will look to see how far I will go tomorrow. Even though I haven't taken a day off, I'm feeling good. If I can actually get ahead a day or two, I might be able to make it back to Minneapolis by Grayson's Birthday on Sept. 3rd. I'm still skeptical.

Pond swan


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