Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Can't wait for summer!

It's only February, but I can't wait for summer! I've got some big plans for touring this summer (and another trip that does not involve biking). At the end of May, my son and I will head out from our house for a 17 day tour following the Adventure Cycling Washington Parks maps. It will be approximately 775 miles with 16 days of riding and 1 rest day. That doesn't seem like much resting, but a couple of the days are pretty short so they will seem like rest days. I am very excited to do this with my son. We did the 4 day tour last year and he seemed to enjoy it. This will really put both of us to the test as I have not done a ride this far and for this many days.

About a month after this epic journey, a friend and I are going to bike down the Pacific Coast to the Oregon/California border. We will take about 12 days to do this 500 mile ride. This will be very different from the Washington Parks ride. Different scenery for sure and a totally different biking companion. This will be my friend's first experiance with touring. I just KNOW she is going to love it as much as I do! We will be picked up in Brookings and taken to Eugene to catch the train home. Lots of equipment left to buy (remember, first experiance), but very supportive spouse (well, actually, he thinks we're crazy, but he wants her to have the right equipment for this craziness).

Interspersed between and after these rides is the STP (in one day this year--now THAT might truly be a little bit of craziness--204 miles in one day!!!) and the Courage Classic. Just can't quite give up those rides.

That covers May, June, July and the first weekend in August. For the remainder of August I will be heading to France to stay with the Holmberg-Peroux family. So, good to be me? Yep, I think so.