Monday, February 22, 2010

Today's Tour--Mason County!

Fog burning off Oyster Bay
Today's ride was to Mason County. Hmmm...I think Gray's Harbor County is the only one left (that I can ride from home and back in one winter day--ie shorter daylight). I went on 3 roads I have not been on (well, 2 I had been on part of the road). I rode to Old Olympic Hwy and did the Bloomfield Rd./Kamilche Pt. loop back to 101. Then on out to Shelton at Wallace/Kneeland Blvd. I wanted to have lunch at Subway, but there isn't one on W/K Blvd. There is everything else, but no Subway! So, I had a lunch buffet at Godfather's Pizza. Actually, it was good. I ate too much, but that's no surprise. After lunch, I rode slowly (due to the side ache from eating too much--that dessert pizza was tasty AND there was butterscotch pudding!)along W/K to Brockdale Rd. Kyle and I had been on Brockdale the first day of our 17 day trip last summer. I had also been on it when I did the Rapsody ride. But, instead of turning off Brockdale to head to Mason Lake, I continued on and looped back to 101 and came out a few miles north of Shelton. From there it was back home for a total of 76 miles. I do believe that is my longest ever winter ride!

The view from Bloomfield Rd.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Yesterday Lewis County, Today Pierce County

What a fabulous day for a bike ride! Hard to believe it is February when the sun is shining and it is 58 degrees. Was even able to take the sleeves off my jacket!
Today I headed north to Pierce County and Anderson Island. I've never ridden on the island so it was a new road for me!
First I rode to Steilacoom. I thought I could catch the 11:00AM ferry, but I misjudged the time abit on that one. No worries though. When I got to the ferry terminal I bought my ticket ($4.70 and Stella rides free!) and went back up the hill abit for some lunch. Just a bagel and cream cheese (oh yeah, and a cookie too). The ferry loaded at 11:50 for a 12:00 departure. The ride over to the island took about 20 minutes. Nice little ferry, the Christine Anderson. Here is a picture of Stella in her parking spot.

As I was getting off the ferry a guy asked me if I had ridden the island before. I told him I hadn't. He gave me some advice as to where to go. I had brought a map of the island, but I'm always open to suggestions from those in the know. Anyway, I totally missed the road he told me about (so much for those suggestions), but I did find out the name of a crucial street, that wasn't labelled on the map, that I did find. So, off I went up a rather steep hill (strangely enough, most roads from ferry terminals are rather steep). The litle map I had was quite good and I managed to make it around the island with plenty of time to spare before the next ferry. Funny thing, as I was coming back toward the ferry terminal, I decided, because I had time to spare, I would go back to the store I had passed on my way around the island. When I got back to the road that the store was on, I turned in the direction I thought I should. It was the wrong way. At the bottom of the hill, I came to Larson Rd. This was the road I had missed at the beginning! At least I knew where I was, and where I would come out (at the ferry terminal). But, I still wanted to go to the store. That steep hill I climbed at the beginning? Yep, went up it again! Had an ice cream sandwich at the store then rode back to the ferry. I met the same guy on the ferry going back to Steilacoom. I told him what I had done. He laughed.
Here are a few more pictures.

All in all, a great day to be out on Stella!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Once again, it's all about the food!

Ahhhh...such a nice day for a ride but, where to go? I know, how about a ride to Berry Fields in Centralia? Yes, that will satisfy my desire for a long ride AND, the food can't be beat! To make it more interesting, I'll make it a loop ride. Go to Centralia via Tilley Rd. and Grand Mound on Old Hwy 99 (becomes Harrison Ave. and comes out at the Outlets). Berry Fields is just 1 block south of Main St. on Pearl. Perfect! Have a delicious lunch of grilled crab and provolone sandwich and a nice piece of German Chocolate Cream Pie for dessert! Then ride back up Hwy 507 to Tenino and take the trail home from there. Round trip: 60.9 miles. Didn't take any pictures as, scenery-wise, this is not all that beautiful of a ride. I guess I should have taken a picture of my lunch! Now that was beautiful!
Can't believe how many 50+ mile rides I've been able to do this winter! Still, wish it was summer and I was touring.