Monday, July 20, 2009

The Big Cape ( plus a couple of other climbs)

Day 7--Cape Lookout to Beverly Beach
It was a good day to be cold in the morning as we started up Cape Lookout right out of the park. It was about a 2 1/2 mile climb and super granny was in the house. Best part is that Julie made it the whole way without walking! Joe and Lindsey (on the same itinerary) were climbing the same time. After resting at the top for a bit we started the marvelous desent. Another 2 miles and we were down to Camp Meriweather. The sun was out (it had been very foggy over the cape).
When we turned to continue to Cape Kiwanda we got behind a striping truck. Ahhh, the smell of fresh paint and cows! Almost makes a person hurl! We managed to catch up and pass the truck. Whew!
Cape Kiwanda was not too bad as of is not as high as the others. After that we were back on 101. Just ahead of us was another couple we had met at Nehalem Bay. We both stopped at a wayside where we learned their names were Jim and Mary. They are veteran tourers. Nice people. They recommended we do the Old Scenic 101. We did and, although it was another long climb, there was very little traffic (10 cars total) and it was shady. The ride down was really fun. I only braked through one hairpin and I didn't pedal until the bottom.
We came into the busy-ness that is Lincoln City. Stopped and got some salt water taffy. We also stopped in Nelscott at the Christmas shop. I got a bicycle ornament to commemorate our trip. We were looking for ice cream. It's strange how when you want it you can't find it! Finally, at Salishan we were able to get some ice cream. Back on the road it was getting foggier by the minute. We still pulled over to see the views. We turned onto Otter Crest Loop for our last long climb of the day. It was nice with a bike lane and everything (including signs warning people to stay on the path--danger!--no kidding!).
We are at Beverly Beach with 7 other tents. Tomorrow we go to Seal Rock where luxury awaits! Oh yeah, Julie didn't walk at all today and she didn't whims either!

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