Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Devil of a Day (in more ways than one)

Day 12-- Sunset Bay to Humbug Mtn.
This morning it was foggy, VERY foggy! I thought it was raining, but it was only the dripping in the trees. Needless to say, the tent was still wet (the rainfly).
We had to ride back to Seven Devil's Rd. I think it's called that because of all the awful hills (granny was definately in the house!). Also, because of the fog we couldn't see anything. What we could see was mostly clear-cut forest. There were supposed to be views of the South Slough Estuary. We didn't see it. It took the better part of the morning to make it through that and into Bandon. We stopped at Bullard's Beach State Park to use the potty shack (I stopped there twice--but that's another story). On Ocean Dr. in Bandon we got some great views of the rocks. The wind was really whipping so the surf was pretty heavy. We took pictures at Face Rock (looks like a face looking up) and also stopped at Devil's Kitchen (where the food is so fresh it hasn't been caught yet!) I didn't see how it looked like a kitchen.
Out of Bandon and back on 101 we went through a couple of small towns. In Langlois I had Umpqua ice cream. Hard to say which is better-Umpqua or Tillamook. They're both pretty tasty! I was able to post yesterday's blog and Julie was able to take a break.
Down the road we stopped at a grange in Sixes to use the restroom (besides the grange, all Sixes had was a post office--instead of Sixes, it should be called Twos). We met two guys, Peter and Darren. They told us about a swimming hole that was supposed to be great. Since we didn't have suits (and riding wet is no fun) we opted not to swim.
The rest of the ride to Humbug was along beautiful cliffsides with the ocean down below. The sun had been shining since Bandon and it was warm with a fabulous tailwind. Julie had a tough day today, but she will make it (basically, she has no choice as there is no phone service here). Tomorrow is probably our longest climb (nothing like saving for the end!) over Cape Sebastian. California border here we come!

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