Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cheese and Capes (not the super hero kind)

Day 6--Nehalem Bay to Cape Lookout
We woke to cloudy skies, but knew they wouldn't stick around long. We got on the road about 1/2 past 8:00. With the wind at our backs we cruised along through tiny town after tiny town. We finally found an open bakery in Wheeler where we each got a fresh out of the oven raspberry scone and cookies. I ate one of my cookies on the spot (I was only going to eat one bite, know how that goes). We pulled into the Tillamook Cheese Factory at about 10:45. We checked out the cheese making process, sampled some, bought a few nibbles for lunch and I got ice cream. We decided by the time we got out of there, it was close enough to lunch so, since life is short, I ate dessert first. Then I ate my cheese and crackers. We made 2 grocery stops (Fred Meyer doesn't have the chicken we like and we didn't know we were going to go by a Safeway which does have the chicken we like). Then it was on to the Three Capes Scenic Route. At first we had a nasty sidewind then headwind going around Tillamook Bay on Bayocean Rd. (side note: I have a book about Bayocean. When I first saw the title, I thought the word was Bay o seen. Kyle said, "Don't you mean Bay Ocean?" Oh yeah. ) Once we started up the huge Cape Meares hill, we had a tailwind; not that it helped much. I was in super granny and Julie was walking. At the top we rode down to the lighthouse, took pictures and filled water bottles. Then we had to ride back up to the main road (Julie was not too happy about that). We had a nice downhill back to the beach then up again, down again and along to water to Cape Lookout State Park where we are now. We have a nice site, but we are glad we only want to take one shower as it is quite the hike to the shower building.
So far there are a few people here; one new gal from Finland (travelling solo). We'll see who else comes in tonight.

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