Saturday, July 18, 2009

The people we've met so far

Day 5--Rest day at Nehalem Bay
This morning when I got up I counted 11 tents (and one guy sleeping without a tent). Most of those people moved on today. Right now there are just 3 tents and Logan (the guy camping without the benefit of shelter). The people we've met have been from all over. John, who we have camped with for the past 3 nights (and will continue to for at least tonight), is doing the same itinerary we are. Tonight we are going to ride (only a couple of miles) into Manzanita and have dinner together at a Mexican restaurant that Julie (in Cannon Beach) recommended. John is travelling by himself back to the San Francisco area. He has been on the road for awhile.
This morning we said goodbye to Forrest and Ed. They are two 18/19 year olds riding down the coast back to the Mendocino (I think) area. We met them at Cape Disappointment. Ed will be starting school at Evergreen this Fall. I told him to call if he wanted a home cooked meal.
Then there is Logan. Prior to knowing his name, we called him "Pothead" for reasons you can guess. He is travelling with his dog Crash (a 11 year old German Wirehair). We don't know exactly where he is going, but he has a most interesting set up for a bike trailer. Somehow he will fit a cooler, sleeping bag, clothes, backpack and a whole pile of odds and ends onto a two wheel trailer with netting and deer antlers. He has to leave today because he has been here 3 days and that is the limit on the hiker/biker sites. I'll be curious to see how he gets it all loaded up and still has room for Crash.
We'll see who comes in tonight. So far, at 3:30 no one new is here.
Julie and I walked down to the beach. It is a beautiful day; windy, but sunny. Our laundry is hanging on the line and Julie is taking a nap. This is a good rest day!

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