Wednesday, July 15, 2009

O' Heavy Bike (tune of O' Canada)

Day 1 of Epic Journey #2 (no service last night--so this is being posted in Raymond)
We left Julie's house at 8:25 (good since our plan was 8:30). Casey took parting shots (photos--that is) and had a few last minute chuckles (he thinks we're nuts).
Julie conquered her biggest worry of the day by making it up the hill on Hwy 99. I experianced a bit of déjà vu as we rode the STP route from Tenino to Chehalis.
We had a delicious lunch of PB on Blueberry Strussel bread at the Claquato Historical Landmark (something about a pioneer community that was the county seat. There was no bench or anything to sit on, but that's okay--we had been sitting all day anyway.
Coming into Rainbow Falls I noticed the flooded properties of 2007 have recovered mostly. We rode across the grated one-lane temporary bridge (a little hairy).
At Rainbow Falls we saw where the bridge had washed out. I'll put photos later when I get home.
The Off Mosquito repellant thing works pretty good!

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