Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Julie's Carrot

Day 8--Beverly Beach to Steele's Beach House
Foggy, foggy, foggy!!! The tent is wet, the bikes are wet and it's a little chilly. This morning we met a gal named Marcy who was doing her first bike tour. She is the same age as me and decided it was time for her to do this. She started in Cannon Beach and is going to Crescent City. She was very interested in our stuff. She had been carrying too much so she purged yesterday giving people her extra clothes and even getting rid of her jar of peanut butter. I gave her our last small container of peanut butter (we had another jar). We wished her the best of luck and headed out about an hour and a half later than we planned. BUT, NOT TO WORRY!! We were on our way to the Steele Family Beach House! As fast as Julie was going, you'd think it was all downhill (it wasn't)! I opted to go out to the Yaquina Lighthouse (afterall, it was an "Outstanding Natural Area"!). Julie didn't opt to ride to the Lighthouse (too foggy). I told her to go ahead, I'd catch up. So I went out to the Lighthouse, took a picture and rode back to 101. A short time later I came to the turn to avoid 101 into Newport. I wasn't sure if Julie would have seen the sign, but I figured there was a better chance she would have made the turn so I turned. I enjoyed the ride, but didn't catch up to Julie. I started to think she didn't make the turn. When I got to the bridge I waited for Julie. When she didn't show up, I thought she was probably waiting for me in Newport. I started to ride back into Newport when I decided to stop and call her. Turns out she was already across the bridge and headed to Waldport. So I headed back to the bridge, crossed it (took a picture) and expected to cath up to Julie. When that didn't happen, I was worried because she said she would wait for me in Waldport. Problem is we weren't supposed to go all the way to Waldport! So, I was riding as fast as I could. STILL I didn't catch her! Now, we have been riding for 7 days and Julie has NOT been riding this fast! Put a real bed and a home cooked in front of her and she rides like the wind!
So now we are in the lap of luxury! Thanks Kelli!!! You are the best!!! We will be here tomorrow too!! Ahhhh the luxury!

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Carrie said...

I love how you wrote about this Colleen! i can just visualize Julie flying down the road with a big smile on her face and luxury awaits! Hi Jules, hope you are enjoying every second of it :-)~Carrie