Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More Miles Than You'd Think

Day 9--Rest day at the Steele's beach house
Ahhh, this is the life! It's really a good thing we aren't here too long because a person could get used to this! I awoke to a view out my bedroom window of a foggy beach and a REALLY low tide. It was so low that we were actually INLAND! I had my favorite breakfast of loads of fruit and yogurt and granola. We lounged around just enjoying this fabulous place then after a lunch of turkey, cheese and crackers we went into Newport to Fred Meyer to do some dinner shopping and abit of restocking (MUST have hot chocolate!!). We stopped for iced coffee and an ice cream cone for me (continuing my quest to sample as many ice cream flavors as possible).
We got back to the beach house ( really a palace!) and Tom and Brian joined us (Kelli's husband and 7 year old son). Brian wanted to take us on an adventure so off we went. We did this trail around the house no less than 6 times (I have to admit, I saw something I hadn't seen each time--hmmm, makes me wonder what all I'm missing by only going by things once--which also means I could do this trip again and have a whole different experiance! Thanks to Brian for that new insight).
We had a fabulous dinner of burgers then walked them off down the beach. Walking the beach with a 7 year old is always fun! Sand everywhere! Truly doesn't get any better than this!
We have had a great rest day and we are sad to be leaving but, the road beckens and we must complete our journey. Thanks again to the entire Steele family! I, for one, am very grateful for their generosity and kindness (also loads of fun!).

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