Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Cape, A Churn, A Head, A Horn and a Guy Named Ian

Day 10--Steele's Beach House to Honeyman State Park
What a difference a day makes! Yesterday it was the lap of luxury. Today it's back to the tent and the ground. Yesterday it was foggy and cloudy. Today is clear and sunny. We left the Steeles a little after 8:00 this morning. They were going to go dig in the sand. We were going to ride 40 miles (to much BIGGER sand!!). We rode through Waldport and Yachats then up and over Cape Perpetua. I'm thinking it gets it's name from the non-stop wind (perpetual--get it?). The climb was not actually that bad. In fact it was the easiest cape so far. Coming down we stopped at Devil's Churn. Well, it wasn't churning that much (too low of tide). We moved on to the Spouting Horn. It was also not sputing much. I did, however, spot 4 sea lions down on the rocks.
Continuing down the coast in the sunshine and with a tailwind, we pulled into the Heceta Head Lighthouse beach (Julie didn't even complain about going down the hill knowing full well she'd have to come back up!). We had something to eat (and watched countless people try to go into a closed restroom--there was a new one just a few yards away), then walked the 1/2 mile trail up to the lighthouse. Right after we got back on 101, we went through another tunnel. This one was well lit and pretty easy. The shoulder on the other side of the tunnel was crappy and there were alot of motorhomes. We stopped just before the Sea Lion Caves and I could hear the sea lions. I looked over the edge and could see a bunch of them down on the rocks. Who needs to pay to go down the stinky elevator when you can just look over the edge?
We rolled into Florence and decided to eat at Mo's. I had Slumgullion (chowder with shrimp) in a bread bowl and some garlic cheese bread (yes, I know, a little heavy on the bread). It was just a few more miles to Honeyman. Here we have met a guy named Ian who is from Australia. He has been riding around the world for the past 17 months. He is quite the character and I enjoyed talking to him.
We went down to the dunes and climbed to the top of one. It was harder doing that than any hill I've had to ride up! We also watched the sandboarders (like snowboarding only not as cold).
Now it is time to call it a day. 3 more days of riding left. Julie will be glad to be done. Me? I'm enjoying the nice weather and scenery and could probably go further but, I won't.

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