Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It must be the skort!

Day 2--Rainbow Falls to Bay Center KOA
Today I wore my Terry skort. We got lots of honks from passing cars and some sort of scooter/motorcycles. We also got a honk followed by an interesting gesture. We're not sure what the gesture meant, and we're not sure we wanted to know! Since we haven't gotten any honks on other days (this trip or with Kyle), we figured it must be the skort.
Today's ride was 57 miles of ups and downs. To me they were rollers--work going up, rest going down. To Julie they were too long on the up, not enough on the down (that is the nice version--we won't mention the other comments). Needless to say, we made it to the Bay Center KOA. It is very nice. The showers are fabulous (Julie said she was never coming out). Laundry is running and we have a nice campsite in the shade. Julie has taken her Ibuprofen and is ready for a nap.
There are approximately 4 other cyclists here--all guys. We feel abit outnumbered.

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