Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm Clark, she's Lewis

Day 3 Bay Center to Cape Disappointment (formerly Ft. Canby)
We left Bay Center after a great breakfast of pancakes. The ziplock bag works great for mixing up a batch. We returned to 101 and headed south up and down more hills like yesterday. Julie has discovered her hill climbing rhythm and did great. After a potty stop at the Willapa Wildlife Refuge, Julie took the lead. She said she was going to go slow, but she was cookin' along at 15 mph! Then she got stung by a bee on her lip AND we had to go up a very long hill. We got to Seaview and had lunch at a bench on the road to the beach. We rode down to the beach and took a picture on the tripod. As we came back, we noticed a trail. It was the Discovery Trail. A gal told us the trail went all the way to Ilwaco which was where we wanted to go. What she failed to tell us was that a good chunk of the trail was not paved and involved a whole lotta climbing. So we took a WALK on that part of the trail! When the trail was paved again, it was like riding a roller coaster--up, down and around the corners. It did take us right into Ilwaco where we had ice cream and restocked groceries. Then it was back to climbing on Hwy 100 (loop) out to here to Cape Disappointment. The gentleman we met last night is here too.
So now it is time to kick back and relax in our Trekker chairs.

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