Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's Border Time!

Lucky Day 13--Humbug Mtn. to CALIFORNIA!!
What a beautiful day for our last day riding! No leg warmers, no sleeves on the jacket! We sort of rode around Humbug Mtn. It wasn't too bad of a climb, but it was up and down. We stopped at Ophir Wayside. Peter and Darren were also there. After awhile longer, we turned off onto the Old Coast Rd. It was a great road! No cars (for me anyway). I rode all the way to the bridge over the Rogue River. Julie walked over the bridge (too many times being yelled at I guess). We stopped for pizza in Gold Beach and met Alex who had also stopped for pizza.
After Gold Beach we started up Cape Sebastian. We were expecting a long steep climb. It was really not! Except for the little extra ride I took up to the viewpoint (which wasn't really much of one--at least considering the hill I had to go up to get to it!).
Coming down Cape Sebastian I hit my max speed for this trip--49 mph!! It was awesome!!
At the bottom we were back to the beach where the windsurfers were doing their thing.
After a few more hills and running into Alex again, we made our way to Brookings. Only a handful more miles to our destination--the border! Peter and Darren caught up to us just as we were going across the Chetco River. We turned onto Lower Harbor Rd. The hotel was on this road and it was the nicer route to the border. The route brought us back to 101 just before the Winchuck River. About 1/4 mile after the bridge was the "Welcome to California" sign! WE MADE IT!!! Peter and Darren were with us. They took pictures of us and we took a picture on the tripod of all four of us. Casey arrived just as we were taking that picture. He loaded up Julie and I rode back to the hotel (there was a tailwind going back and it only took me 18 minutes to do the 5 miles).
We've had a great dinner and tomorrow morning we will drive home.

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