Saturday, June 7, 2014

Day 17--A Day Where the Destination Was the Important Part

We have made it to Bremen, and my friends, Alexandra and Markus! 

The ride to get here was pretty good. We saw this stork nest in one of the small towns.
There was even a "stork cam" where you could see the babies in the nest (hmmm...if the stork brings babies, who brings the stork babies???).

We spent a long time riding on a rail trail. In this case it was literally a rail trail. It was not paved.

We knew it was an old rail line because it was flat and very straight. Also, we saw this sign.

Later we saw the old station house.

We stopped in Verden for lunch. Verden is a good sized city (so, of course, we had a hard time finding our way out--we finally just stuck to the road--on a separated path). There was another bikeway, but by the time we were finally headed in the right direction, I just wanted to get to Bremen the fastest way. For me, this was a day where the destination was the purpose (instead of the ride to get there). 

When we were not far from Bremen, when something felt weird with Betsy. We stopped, and I realized one of the bolts from the rear rack had come loose, and disappeared. Fortunately, when my friend, Carol, got her Bike Friday, she took one of every bolt to the hardware store and bought extras. She got a set for me too. So, in about 10 minutes time I had replaced the bolt and put everything back together. I'm not sure I could have even changed a flat that fast!

We arrived somewhere around 3:30 or so. It is so great to see Alex and Markus again! It doesn't seem like it was two years ago when I left them at the top of Elk Ridge to ride down the rest of the way from Mt. St. Helens. We have picked up where we left off, laughing our way through a great BBQ dinner, and having a great evening catching up. Christian and I looked at their photo book of their year biking from Vancouver, BC to South America.

We are staying here three nights (a good reason for taking the train a few days ago). I know this is a short post, but it's late, and I need to go to sleep.
I'll finish with this photo taken in the same place as the stork nest. Not sure what the purpose of the tower is.

Total miles today: I don't know. I forgot to check my computer.

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