Sunday, June 8, 2014

Day 18--Bopping Around Bremen

The first of two full days off in Bremen with Alex and Markus. It's been a long and wonderful day riding around Bremen with Alex and Markus! It's very late as I write this, so I think I'll make it short and let the photos tell the story (as much as possible).
The school where Alex is a language teacher.


Riding through the park. It's really a wonderful big park. I'll tell the story about the park tomorrow.

Having spaghetti ice cream (whipped cream with vanilla ice cream made to look like spaghetti with strawberry sauce and nuts on top. Delish! We were waiting for Jannick (Alex's son) to join us. A thunderstorm also started while we were eating. We eventually moved inside because the rain was getting us wet.

At Markus' work (he works for the adfc--bike advocacy group for Germany)

The bike parking garage. The garage will hold about 600 bikes.

Bremen Train Station

The Dom (Cathedral)

Touching the leg of the donkey for luck (the famous Musicians of Bremen),

In the Old Town

Cool red door (with a "Beware of Cat" sign.
The Weise River

At dinner with my Paulaner Weißbier!

Like I said, a great day with great friends!

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