Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Day 31--Continued--More of Oslo

After our Wi-Fi session at the Info place, we went to see the naked baby...statue, that is. It is at the Vigeland Sculpture Park. On our way there, we went through the Palace grounds.
 Here's a photo of me with one of the guards (a woman!). I told her I had my hat on too, but it wasn't as cool as hers. I saw the slightest little smile.
Yes, I have my rain jacket on, but it didn't rain but a few drops.

Christian was unsuccessful at finding the sculpture park using the map, so I used the Garmin (so handy!). We managed to get there without anymore wrong turns. Vigeland Park is quite large. There are many sculptures, one of which is the naked baby.
It's kind of like the Little Mermaid sculpture. You think it is going to be big, but really it's not. And really, he's more of a toddler. The sculptures were all of people. There was a tower of people.
Wouldn't want to be the one on the bottom!

And, there was a fountain with people.

Even the gates were people.

On our way out of Vigeland, we stopped at the toilets. They cost 10 Kr (It was the best 10 Kr I have spent!).

To get back to the camping place, we went along the water instead of through town. There were boats and cruise ships of all sizes. And, since it is Mid-Summer, there were parties going on on all the boats. Music thumping, tons of people, all having a good time until the sun goes down (which isn't until 10:45--and even then it's still not really dark). We can hear the music all the way up to the campground.

Here's the Opera House from across the bay.

See the white building up on the hill in the middle of the photo? That's the Ekeberg Restaurant. Ekeberg Camping is up above that. 

Of course, we had to make the climb back up, and up, and up some more. I thought for sure we would have to walk at least the gravel trail part, but we managed to ride the whole way (due to super granny gear, and no bags). Even though the climb was hard, I'm really glad we went into town today, and not just on our way out tomorrow. We were able to see so much more without having to deal with the bags. Here's one final photo from Ekeberg.
That's Oslo in the distance.

Total additional miles 14.6

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