Thursday, June 19, 2014

Day 29--A Well-Deserved Short Day

Today was our first riding day under 50 miles! I thought we would make it to Norway today, but we are not quite there. We are at the last campground before the border.

We knew some bad weather was on the way, but when we started out this morning it was pretty good. We used the Garmin to get on the right road. There was a small problem due to construction and a new road the Garmin didn't know about, but we figured it out, and were soon out of town. The road paralleled E6 (like a freeway or autobahn) and was also called E6, but the signs are different. In some places there was a separate path, in others we rode on the road. There wasn't too much traffic.

We stopped in Munkedal for our mid-morning snack at a bakery (Bageri--in Swedish). We each got a bag of day-old pastries (3 in each bag) for 30 Kr each (about 4 €). That's a pretty good deal for expensive Sweden. I ate all three of mine (of course). Christian ate two of his, but he also had a Snicker bar.

We Garmined our way out of Munkedal, and headed toward Dingle (I couldn't help but have a chorus of "Dingle Bells" running through my head--even though the pronunciation is probably more like "Ding-lee"). In Dingle, I stopped at the ICR grocery to spend the last of my Swedish Kroner, while Christian went to a restaurant to get his lunch.

We continued North on 165. When we got to Hällevadsholm, we stopped to eat our lunch at a picnic table near a convenience store. I got a Coke. Here, the Coke bottles have names on them. Yesterday I got one that said Christian. Today's was Bernt. When I came out of the store, I told Christian yesterday I had him, today, Beppo (what Christian calls Bernt)! I doubt they have "Colleen".

As we were finishing lunch, I felt a few raindrops. I pulled out my rain jacket and helmet cover in the hopes that it would stop raining. No such luck. Here's a photo of what was coming.
Yes, it poured! I stopped and quickly put on my rain pants and gloves. There was also thunder and lightning. It rained hard for awhile, then eased up. Finally, the sun came out again and I went back to no raingear.

I was feeling pretty good, but Christian was tired. I was getting far ahead of him. Besides the fact that we have had two long days back-to-back, he got up before 5:00 this morning. I heard him rustling around and looked at my watch. I saw it was 5:00 and I thought no way am I getting up yet, and went back to sleep. I got up at 6:00. I packed up everything before getting out of my tent. When I got out, I saw Christian had already taken his tent down, and was sitting up by the kitchen. After I packed up my tent, I took my food panniers up to the kitchen. Christian had already eaten (they had a hot water maker). He said he had gotten up and thought it was 6:30 (didn't have his glasses on when he looked at his watch). He went and washed up. When he came back and looked at his watch (with his glasses), he saw it was only 5:00. 

When I came to this camping place, I waited for Christian to catch up. I had a feeling he would want to call it a day. I was right. Actually, it was a good thing because just as we were setting up, it started to rain again. Then  it stopped and the sun came out and it was hot. I went to take a shower. When I finished it was raining again. I didn't take my coat with me. I was trapped at the restroom, but that was okay as I was charging the Garmin. When the rain stopped, I came back to the tents. It started raining again. Now it has stopped and it is very hot inside my tent! 

We are camped on a lake. 165 goes by a series of long lakes. Here's a photo of the one before the campground. I took it looking back. 

So, tomorrow for sure, we will get to Norway!

Total Miles today: 45

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