Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day 20 Continued--Because 53 Just Wasn't Enough...

And it stays light so long!

After dinner, Christian proposed we do a short bike tour. He wanted to ride out to the Elbe River. I said, "Sure, why not?" 

We rode on top of a levee alongside a canal. It was kind of weird, because it was just the width of the path on top of the levee. On both sides, it was a somewhat sharp drop-off.

There were houses on the canal side of the levee. They were pretty cool. Here's one with a thatched roof, and cool brick patterns.

When we got to the river, there were a lot of people sitting out where the ferry comes. First I thought maybe they were waiting for the ferry. But, no. They were waiting for this huge cruise ship to come down the river, headed to the North Sea. So we waited too.

These ducks were waiting too.

We were there long enough to get a bit of a sunset.

On the way back we took the road, so we could see how long it will be tomorrow morning (we'll take the ferry across the Elbe) from the campsite (about 25 minutes--with all our gear). 

We went by more of the thatched roof houses. 
This thatching looked new.
This is what the fronts look like. Christian said some famous German actress lived there before she died.
This barn's thatched roof looks a little...less new.
Here's one with a big apple in front. This area of Lower Saxony is known for apple growing. However, in Steinkirsch (a little village on the way to the river), I saw mostly cherry trees (hmmm...kirsch does mean cherry).

We made it back after doing 7 more miles. Bringing today's total to 60.something.

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