Monday, June 30, 2014

Day 39--Half Way and Last Day...

Of riding in Norway.

Yep, today was my last day of riding in Norway. Tomorrow, I have just a few miles to get to the airport. Also, today was the halfway day. It's the 39th day of riding, but the 40th day since arriving in Germany. I have 80 days total.

The day's ride was fairly easy, and uneventful. I said goodbye to Cornelius this morning, and we both wished each other a good trip. He was planning to go to the other side of Stavanger. 

As Cornelius had told me, today's ride was much less difficult than yesterday. However, I also didn't stay completely on the North Sea Route. First of all, I didn't go back to where I'd left the route yesterday to get to the campsite. 44 continued around and back out to the Coast anyway. When I came to the first route sign, I saw that it was an uphill climb on a gravel road. No thanks, I'll pass...right on by. I've become much more savy about the ways of my friends, the brown signs. They like to snake around and provide a variety of surfaces to ride on. I was not in the mood for uphill gravel. I continued on 44. There was virtually no traffic, since this is Sunday, and it was early.
Only the sheep, and occasional fishing boat were out.

Once I climbed over the ridge to the Coast, the route remained mostly flat. Of course, that meant there was also the wind. It's funny, when I was going in a more southerly direction, I had a headwind. Yet, when I have now come around the southern part of Norway, and have been heading in a more northerly direction, I still have a headwind! It's just not fair! Oh well, it wasn't terrible...
Still rocky here.
But, lots of flat fields. I saw fields of carrots. I don't think I've ever seen fields of carrots before. I was tempted to go pull one from the ground and have me a fresh Norwegian grown carrot...but I didn't.

At mid-morning snack time, I stopped in a town at a Joker store and got a muffin and some apple juice. The muffin was more like a cupcake with caramel on the inside and chocolate icing on the top. It was quite good. While I was in the shop, I looked for packing material. I have to pack Betsy in her black bag tomorrow. This being Sunday, none of the big stores are open--should have thought of that sooner. But, an idea started to form in my head...

I continued on 44. Periodically, it was the North Sea Route, then it would snake off again. I stayed on the road. I knew I was getting close when I saw this sign.

The airport for Stavanger is in Sola--kind of like Seatac is for Seattle. I came into the town of Kleppe. I saw a Co-op store. I stopped to check for packing material. I had wanted bubble wrap, but the chances of finding that in a small store was slim. So, an idea had solidified. What is cushy and is available in every shop? Give up? Disposable diapers! Betsy will be horribly embarrassed, but her sharp and fragile parts are going to be wrapped in baby diapers! We'll see how it works out...

In the town I saw a bike route sign to Sola. Even though the road I was on went to Sola, I thought I may as well take the bike route way. It was also the North Sea Route. There were both signs, until I came to a place where there was only the North Sea sign. I looked on the Garmin and could see that it took it's usual roundabout way, but I had time, so I followed it. It came out to the sandy beach area of the Coast. It was beautiful, and worth the "detour". 

Although, it wasn't really a detour, because it took me to the sign for the camping place I was looking for--Oldberg Camping. I arrived at 2:30 after just 43 miles. I'm sure if I had stayed on the route, it would have been many more miles. 

This place is full of people just here for the day. However, mostly they are not enjoying the beach, but are waiting in line at the Softis Stand. After I set up, and took my shower, I went to get one of these myself.
Here's the beach without many people.

Here's the most popular item at the beach.
It's thick soft-serve ice cream rolled in chocolate powder (they have other odd looking toppings too). 

This campsite cost 200Kr. The shower cost 10Kr, and there's no wifi. Not nearly as good of a deal as last night. But, there's Softis (for 38Kr)!

Tomorrow, I'm off to Scotland!

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