Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Day 33--Day off at Jon's

It was so nice to sleep in a quiet and relatively dark room. I slept until 7:30. My clothes were all dry from last night on the line (sun shines early in Norway). We had breakfast, then Jon took us for a drive up into the forest on some great gravel roads. We drove by some lakes with cabins .
This is another barn on raised blocks.

We had some good views of the high plateau. There is still some snow, but it will all melt.

Jon knows all the roads around here, of course. I could see having lots of fun riding the roads with a gravel bike. 

We stopped at a small supermarket (the first one appeared to be open, but was actually closed) and got some bread and bananas and chocolate milk. Then we stopped at a nice picnic spot on a lake. Jon said the water was clean enough to drink, but I had chocolate milk

The guys fixin to eat!

We made our way back to the house. Christian and I packed our stuff (him for flying home, me for continuing on). Later I made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. Jon made a special Norwegian kind of porridge after the spaghetti. It's called Rømmegrot. It's kind of like a warm pudding with sugar and cinnamon on top. It was delicious!

Now we have a new plan for tomorrow. Jon, Christian, and I will drive in Jon's truck with my bike and gear, and Christian's stuff to Drammen where we will take Christian to the train station. He will take the train back to Oslo to fly back to Frankfurt. Then Jon is going to drive me to Kragerø. Then either he will ride with me to Søndeled, or drive there and meet me at the campground. This will actually put me ahead a day, but it will give me more time to do the Coast Bike Route without having to take shortcuts. 

I have made my flight reservation for Stavenger to Aberdeen. At first we tried with the SAS Airline site. For some reason it didn't work. Then Christian tried with a German travel website. That was successful. Of course, making a flight reservation 6 days before the flight is more expensive...but, it's a long swim to Scotland.

Total miles today: 0

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