Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day 21--Third Time Across the Elbe (not counting on the train)

As planned, we got to the ferry dock in time to catch the 8:10 ferry across the Elbe River. As it is just 50 km to the mouth, the River is pretty wide here. The crossing took about 25 minutes. This is our third time, and the second time by ferry.
Das Boot
Betsy roped in place.
Along the way.

We arrived and disembarked from the boat. There were three other cyclists.

We had decided to not go through Hamburg. If we were taking a day off there it would be fine. But, to just ride through, it is confusing to navigate the city. Instead, we skirted the northwest side, using the Garmin to go from town to town, and occasionally, a local.
This guy led us through the town without going on the main road. We ended up on another old rail line. They are nice because they are flat. The surface was good on this one. 

We rode the rail trail all the way to Bad Oldesloe (well, close anyway). After we came back on the road, we came to a roundabout with the sign below.
This is for you, Dillon! Now, if you get into this festival, I'll know exactly where you are! And here's some of those Holsteins!

Back out in the countryside the scenery was pretty nice.

We followed the Garmin to the Campingplatz near Lübeck. They have Wifi, so, hopefully I'll be able to upload this post (and the other one too).

Total miles today: 57.7 (plus another 3 to the grocery store)

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