Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 24--The Hills Wait, But the Wind Comes to Meet Us

Today was not such an exciting day. After our usual wrong turns to get out of Vordingborg (note correct name and spelling), I said to Christian, "Just for fun, let's turn on the Garmin (and see if we can get out of town without going down anymore dead end roads)." Whaddya know, it worked! 

We stayed on the main (but not Autobahn) road to Kobenhavn--#151. It is only 2 lanes, but lots of traffic. For short sections, we had no bike lane or shoulder, but for most of the way we had either a bike lane or a separate lane (near and in the towns for the separate lane). Here's a photo from the road with the bike lane.
It's not terribly wide, but good enough.

The road was very straight with rolling hills. The wind really picked up shortly after we got on the road in the morning. At one point, Christian said, looking ahead, "The next hill waits for us." To which I responded, "But the wind comes to meet us!"

We went through some small towns, none of which had anything special. It was close to 10:00 when we went by a small grocery store. We stopped and got some snacks. We sat out on the curb and ate them.

Continuing on the long, straight, but hilly road, I would get ahead of Christian. Put me on a long straight road, and I just keep pedaling! The area was mostly agricultural with the same crops as yesterday. Here's one nice shot of some of the countryside.

At around noon, I saw a fast food place. I stopped to see if Christian wanted to have his lunch there. I waited a long time for him (I could swear I had just seen him coming). I waited and waited. Finally, not too far back, I saw him pull out of a bus stop shelter. He had needed a break. I asked him about lunch, and he was most agreeable.

The next town of note was Koge. Since it seemed like a bigger town (with a "Centrum" and all), we decided to find an ATM so I could get some Kroner. We were successful, and I got 500 Kroner (about the equivalent of 95€). Here's an interesting thing about Kroner. There is no such thing as a "cent" coin. Everything is Kroner. There is a 1 Krone coin, a 2 Kroner coin, a 5, and a 20, that I have seen so far. Then there are 50, 100, and 200 Kroner bills (also that I have seen so far). But, here's the weird thing. The prices on things will be like 10,95. That means 10 Kroner and .95 of one Krone. Or 11,75 is another example. There are no partial Kroner. So, you don't get change for the price you pay if it is not a whole number. Strange!

Anyway, back to Koge. After the bank, we rode through town using the Garmin to take us back to 151 (ah, see, now we're getting smart!). It took us through the market place which was cool, but not as cool as Germany.

We continued on 151. We had decided to start looking for camping places along the water before getting to Kobenhavn. We got off 151 and onto a road that was just as busy (but with a separated bike path), but took us closer to the water. I suggested to Christian we first find a grocery store, then ask the Garmin where the camping places were. We came to a store called Irma. It was small, but had a good selection.

After getting our dinner supplies, we looked up campgrounds in the Garmin. There was one just 3 miles away called Tangloppen. The Garmin took us there. It is our second most expensive camping place at 198 Kr. That's about 30€. Only Spandau was more expensive. But, you know, the closer you are to a big city, the more expensive the camping is. We are 18 km from Kobenhavn. 

We have planned to take the train into the city tomorrow morning instead of riding. It will take us directly to the center so we can spend some time sightseeing before we continue north to the ferry to take us to Sweden.

Here's a photo of our campsite.
The building across the water is the art museum appropriately named, "The Ark".

And one final shot...a duck drinking water out of a dog's water bowl.

Total miles today: 51

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