Friday, June 13, 2014

Day 22--To the Baltic Sea!

Today was a long day for what we thought would be a short day. We had planned to go to Puttgarden on the other side of Fehmarn Island and maybe even take the ferry to Denmark. However, we ended up with more miles than we thought just to get to a Campingplatz before the island. 

We started our day in Lübeck. It is a rather large town, so as you can guess, we had a hard time finding our way out after we did our sightseeing. But, here's some photos.
Betsy and the garden side of the gate.

This is in better light, and the other side.

Cool building (maybe government offices). The fact that some of the spires are not verdigris, just means they are new.

This is the oldest building in Lübeck

Yup, I was there.

It took us maybe an hour to get on the right road out of Lübeck, but finally we did. By then it was getting on to snack time. I saw a Bäckerei and got Christian to turn around. He had a pastry called an Amerikaner. So, when I say "Ich bin ein Amerikaner", I am also saying "I am a tasty pastry". Can't seem to get away from being a pastry!

Then we rode, rode, rode. I gave up trying to figure out which direction we were supposed to go, and which sign I should be looking for. I left that up to Christian. We did ride by this nice field of poppies (one can find lots of pastries made with Mohn seeds).

We finally made it to Camping Strandparadies-Großenbrode. It's a really nice place, and not so expensive (13.50€ including the showers).

The Campingplatz is the red dot near the island in the upper right corner of the map.

After dinner, we walked to the Meer. In German, it is the Ostsee (East Sea). To us it is The Baltic Sea. I dipped my feet.

The pier.

Little beach cabanas available to rent--all closed up since it is about 9:00pm.

Tomorrow we take the bridge across to Fehmarn Island. Then we'll ride across to Puttgarden and catch the ferry to Denmark.

Total miles today: 64.6

Oh, and now, the tent pole on the other end just broke at the same connection as the other end. At least I know how to fix it. MSR is going to hear from me when I get home (or REI)!

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