Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day 20--Regen Und Heiss!

We left this morning in a little bit of rain. Alex was so nice to ride us out of town!
She got us to the point where we couldn't mess up. It started raining harder just as we parted (maybe it was just tears from having to leave). We vowed to see each other again! Alex turned for home, and we continued on. A little while later we stopped to put on rain gear when it seemed it was not going to let up for awhile. Good thing was, it wasn't cold.

We followed the route Markus had suggested. It would be shorter than doing the Bremen to Hamburg Radweg. Finally, the rain quit, and we were able to take off the rain gear. It was also getting warmer, and rather humid. We rode through the countryside of Lower Saxony with the ever-present smell of the farms. The photo below is at our mid-morning snack stop (nothing special, but there was the table and bench.

We stopped for lunch and groceries at a REWE Markt. This is another decent supermarket chain. They had a Bäckerei, and Christian got lunch there (not a Döner!). I couldn't resist buying these things.
They are "SPECK-takulär"!

From lunch we rode to the next town, then turned on the Garmin, and put in the address for the Campingplatz. It was only a bit more than 6 more miles. Since we had been riding pretty steady, and following the road rather than the bike paths, we were making good time. 

Just before the Campingplatz, we rode by some orchards. We saw a cherry tree loaded with ripe cherries. Of course, we stopped to sample a few.
Looks like I could be in Hood River, Oregon!
The evidence of our thievery in Christian's mouth!

The place we are camping is actually a farm. So far, no one seems to be available to pay. The showers are free and hot.
The showers and toilette area.

It is about 6:20, and it is finally starting to cool down a bit. Finally, here's a picture of the repaired tent pole. Markus had a piece that was better than the coupler that came with the tent. I was able to untie the shock cord, and get this coupler on the pole.
Thanks again to Markus!

Total miles today: 53.6

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