Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Day 32--Off to Jon's We Go

Leaving Oslo this morning, I realized this was the last day of riding that Christian and I would have together until I return to Germany (near Düsseldorf) in August.

We had a little difficulty finding the way out of Oslo, but once we found the bike route sign for E18, we didn't have too much trouble. We did go a wrong way at one point and a guy followed us on his road bike to tell us the way we should go. That was very helpful because there were no signs at that point.

We stopped in a town called Asker for our mid-morning snack. Along the way we were stopping at gas stations in search of fuel for my stove. The guy in Oslo said every gas station carries the fuel. He lied. I finally found one in Drammen. It's bigger than the others, and the bad thing is I won't be able to take it on the plane from Stavanger. I have just 6 more days in Norway. Well, I won't be so careful to not use the gas. No more kitchen cooking necessary! Still, I will have extra fuel. Maybe I can give it to someone near Stavanger at Solo Camping place...then, I'll have to buy more in Scotland.

In Drammen we were riding along the river. There was this big silver ball. On the side there was a hole where the wind went through and made an eerie sound.
You can see the hole on the left side.

From Drammen, we followed the bike route signs to Hokksund. From there were had to go to Bingen where Christian's friend Jon lives. Since we didn't have anymore bike route signs to follow, we, of course went the wrong way. We went down along the river for quite awhile. We ended up at a paper mill, and a dead end. Back to Hokksund we went. Some guys at the mill told us which way to go. Then we were following bike signs to Skotslev, and doing okay. It was pretty hilly. It had started to rain in Hokksund, but I knew I would be washing everything at Jon's anyway, so I didn't bother with my rain gear. Besides, it quit after awhile.

As we were riding, I saw a sign the said Bingen 6 km to the left. When we came to the next intersection (not far), Christian said he wasn't sure which way (even though he has been here a few times). Since I had seen the sign, we went back and turned to follow the sign to Bingen. It was more hills, and mostly farmland. We continued to Bingen. At one point, we turned onto a gravel road. Nope, not the right way. Christian asked some neighbors if they knew Jon. Of course they did, and were able to give us good directions. 

We arrived at Jon's at 5:20.

Jon lives on his family farm (not a working farm now). His niece lives in the house next door, and his sister is just down the road. The farm has been in his family for 300 years. Here is a photo of the stable.
Notice how it is raised up on blocks. This is typical Norwegian. It is to keep the mice out. Jon said during hard times it would be a problem because thieves would come to the barns (where grain was stored) and drill up from underneath to steal the grain. At the time it was legal for the owner to shoot the thief if he caught him stealing the grain.

Jon is also a cyclist. He had a go on Christian's bike.

We had a great evening. I got all my laundry washed. It's so nice to have all clean clothes! I have a bed upstairs with very cool old family photos on the wall. I really enjoy getting to stay in a Norwegian home!
I learn so much more.

Total miles: 64.2

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