Saturday, October 1, 2016

Day 29--Floats Like a Butterfly, But the Bumps Sting Like a Bee

Today's entire ride was on the Warm River Rail Trail. If you are thinking, it's like the John Wayne Pioneer Trail, you'd be right, but only in that it is an old railroad bed. This trail is volcanic cinders (black sand). Fortunately, it rained a little last night, so that helped. In the first section, the sand was pretty deep. Still, Mama Cass was doing okay. I was a little scared though. I kept telling myself, it's just like riding sand in cross...except I have an extra 90 lbs! Connor was being funny and going off on the ATV trails that went back and for across the main trail. On the second one, he crashed when he tried to get back on the trail. He said it didn't hurt, but it would have been a good idea to keep his mouth closed as he ate a little sand! After that first part, we all let some air out of our tires. 
This is actually an easy part.

With lower tire pressure, the sand was no problem. Then the washboard started. This was no ordinary washboard. This was washboard on steroids! It was horrible! 
The bumps seemed to be spaced such that instead of an up and down motion, it was more like a bam bam motion. My hands and butt were killing me! I'd try to stand up (which didn't help the hands), but then I'd completely lose momentum in the soft sand. It was so bumpy, that Connor's saddle started to slide down. It was 31 miles to Warm River campground, and the end of the trail.
This was about 10 miles of the "tedious middle section" (according to the map). We did see a pronghorn antelope almost get caught in the fence as it was running away from us. Otherwise, yes, it was very tedious.

Finally, the trail got a little better. At least it wasn't constant washboard. Then there were these ATV grates. 
The first one I said no way, and walked over it. The second one, Derik said to ride it. As I came up to it, I sped up, and pedaled over it while sitting. I almost died. My side is still not the greatest, and that did not help! The third one, Derik said to go slower and stand up. I was going to walk it, but I did what Derik said, and it was fine--no dying today!

The trail went along the Warm River. At first we were way above it, then we'd be closer, but then the river would drop faster than we were.

Is that clear water or what???

Then, just like the John Wayne Trail, we came to a tunnel. Except, this tunnel was closed.
A bit of a cave in.

We still had to lose some elevation to get to the campground.
My favorite photo of the day.

The last part was more substantially downhill, and more like a double track trail. Before too long we pulled into the campground. Derik's cousin, Tracy, was picking us up at 2:00. It was 1:30, so we ate some lunch. Tracy arrived in his pickup, and we loaded everything in the back for the drive to Derik's mom's house. We'll be taking our third day off tomorrow.

Derik had some stuff shipped to us. One thing was a new small chain ring for MC. Derik put it on. Connor also has a new sensor for his bike computer (he lost his other one the second day). Derik also put new chains on his and Connor's bikes (I got a new chain in Helena). We did all our laundry--yay for clean clothes!!! Lawana's friends Lorna and Jason came by. They pretty much think we are crazy (at times I agree). 

We had a delicious dinner (Tracy stayed for dinner too), and Lawana made cookies too! Tomorrow we are going to the grocery store in the morning, then going to a hot springs where I will get to wear my new/old suit!

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