Saturday, October 22, 2016

Day 51--Day 3 of the Long Drive Home...Home

We left Pendleton at about 8:00 this morning. It was easy to get up early because our bodies were still on Mountain Time Zone. We wanted to get to Stevenson before my brother and sister-in-law's coffee shop, The Cabin, closed at noon. We made it before 11:00. Scott made me me a pumpkin pie frozen custard. It was delicious! Connor had a monstrous caramel turtle frozen custard. Derik had a lavender London Fog. We got the 20 second tour. They had quite a few customers, so we didn't get to chat much. We left around 11:30. 

Derik drove the rest of the way home. We stopped for a late lunch in Kalama at the Lucky Dragon. Derik said it was the best Chinese food. It was pretty good. I couldn't eat all of it because I was still digesting the frozen custard. 

We pulled into town around 3:30. First we went to Derik's and dropped off him and his stuff. From there I drove home where Connor and I unloaded the rest, and swept out the truck. Derik met me at the U-Haul place, and gave me a ride home. We opened up the three boxes we had sent from Whitefish, Helena, and Steamboat Springs, and Derik took his stuff, and headed home. 

It's going to be strange for a bit as the three of us have, as Kirsten said at Brush Mountain Lodge, "moved as a unit" for the last 50 days. Now comes the fun part of every tour...unpacking, cleaning, and putting stuff away. Later, I'll tally up the miles, and a few various other stats, and maybe post them.

For now, we're home...

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed following your adventure. Welcome home until the touring bug bites you again.