Monday, October 3, 2016

Day 31--Welcome to Wyoming, and Here's a Thunderstorm For You!

The weather did not look promising this morning. There was this strange cloud.
Not long after this the wind started to blow, and it started hailing. I asked Gwen (Lawana's sister) if they ever get tornados. She said not really, only a couple. 

By the time Tracey (note correct spelling) arrived, the weather was looking better. We loaded up the bikes and gear.
Tracey and Lawana took us back to Warm River CG. We packed up, and headed out. It was another great day off, but time to get moving again.

The first 14 or so miles were pavement. So far, no rain. The direction we were heading (toward the Tetons) did not look great.

We stopped for some lunch while it was still not raining. The wind was blowing though, and we could hear thunder. We knew the rain was coming. 

Sure enough, not long after we crossed into Wyoming, it started to rain.
Still okay here at the border.

I already had my rain jacket on, but I also put my rain pants on. There was a lot of thunder, but not much lightening. Then the storm got closer, and there was lightening too. At one point, I pulled off under a tree. The guys did the same.
We waited out the worst of the rain, then continued on.

It would stop raining, and the guys would take off their rain jackets. Then it would start again. I just left mine on. Eventually, after an extended period of no rain, I took off my rain pants. That only lasted a short while. Back on with the rain pants. Once we got into John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway, the route was mostly down. There were 8 campsites along the way. Three were closed from a fire in August.
This was the fire I had been keeping an eye on. There was talk of GDMBR riders having to divert to Yellowstone. The route doesn't actually go through Yellowstone, but today we came very close. In fact, we were on the border for awhile.
Probably Yellowstone over there.

Our destination for the day was Flagg Ranch. We thought of maybe staying in one of the campsites along the way, but the one we would have wanted to stay in was full. Since it wasn't much further to Flagg Ranch, we just decided to stick to our original plan. We hit pavement about a mile before. As we were riding, I looked to my left, and could see a moose in the meadow.
He was walking through the water.

When we pulled into Flagg Ranch, it was evident that they were closed for the season. No matter--this was we get to utilize the cabins with porch overhangs. Derik and Connor actually set up their tents on the porches.

Mine is too big. Not a problem though, I'm on a spot of ground that is slightly elevated, so I shouldn't end up in a puddle. Of course, everything (except the bear lockers) is locked and shut off. Connor went across the highway to a creek to filter water. Derik and I cooked dinner. Now we are in our tents because it is, of course, raining again. Tomorrow is not such a long day, and it is almost all pavement. Hopefully, the weather will be a little better...Welcome to Wyoming!

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