Friday, October 7, 2016

Day 35--I'm a Cowgirl, On a Steel Horse I Ride

Hallelujah, we managed to leave Jackson! It had snowed a little overnight, but the roads were clear, so we made a run for it. There was an awesome bike path that paralleled the highway for about the first 8 miles.
The highway was quite busy, and it was nice to be off it. 

There were a few snow flurries here and there, but it was okay. By the time we left Hwy 26 behind, and were following 189/191, the temp was up to 51 degrees! I had started out in my lobster gloves, then switched to my regular heavy gloves. I kept my rain pants on until the sun was really shining, and we were doing more climbing. At one point when I caught up to Derik and Connor, there were some Bighorn Sheep (I think mamas and a couple of young ones)
They were just up the road from here. When I took this photo, I didn't know they were there.

We went through a scenic canyon. We crossed the Hoback River countless times.
Big rock!
Actually, it was rain/snowing here (even though the sun was shining). The guys were putting their rain jackets on. I already had mine on.

We stopped for lunch at a roadside trading post. As we were eating lunch, a herd of cattle were being driven down from the dirt road onto the highway.

Coming across the bridge.
Heading down the highway (looking for adventure???)
There was one straggler who didn't seem to want to get on the highway. It even tried to climb up the dirt wall.
Finally, instead of crossing the river on the bridge, like all the other cows, it crossed the river in the river, with the cow dog right on its heels. It finally joined the others on the road.

After lunch, we got back on the road only to catch the cattle drive a couple of miles down the road. 
We were having to dodge fresh cow poop. As I passed them, I said to the cowboys, "It's not everyday I get to ride with cows!" The guy said, "You got your cowboy hat on!"
Get along little doggies!

We had one kind of long climb. As we got higher, there was a dusting of snow on the trees.
Kind of pretty, huh?

At the top, there wasn't really a downhill. It's like we just got up to a plateau. It was windy, mostly a crosswind, and it was snow/sleeting. We had about 8 miles or so to the campground, so we just hammered it as hard as we could. It was unpleasant. 

We are staying at Warren Bridge campground. It is, of course, closed for the season. No matter. In fact, we chose the camp host site because there was a bit of a shelter (as opposed to the rest of the campground).
Connor and I filtered water from the river. The toilets are unlocked, and even have toilet paper!
The rest of the campground. Yes, the weather looks ominous, but it's just a slight chance of rain/snow. However, the temps are supposed to get to 22 degrees tonight. Brrrrrrr!!!!

We have retreated to our tents early because we are all cold. I think I'm mostly cold from being tired from riding 57 miles, and from sitting in a warm hotel room for the last two days! We have 20 miles to Pinedale tomorrow, where we will be back on the route.

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