Saturday, October 1, 2016

Day 30--October 1st, and a Great Day to Not be Riding!

Happy October 1st! It's pumpkin season!

This morning before we went to the grocery store, I got to FaceTime with My Sweet Baboo. I really miss him. I showed him Lawana's Macaw, Jimmy. He kept asking to see Jimmy again.

After the restock of groceries, Tracy came and picked all of us up and we met up with Jared and Jeffrey (Tracy's brother and nephew), and a friend of Derik's, Nate, his wife, Nishana, and their three kids, Abram (7), Jalane (5--not sure of the spelling), and John (21 months). We went to the Green Canyon Hot Springs Pool. It was similar in age to the Boulder Hot Spring place, but in a bit of more disrepair. The outdoor pool was the hot one. It was completely outdoor. There was also a cold pool (very small, and very cold). The guys had a contest to see who could stay in the cold pool the longest. Connor won. I tried, but managed about 10 seconds. Nishana stayed in for a long time too. The "indoor" pool was warm, but a reasonable warm. I say, "indoor" because, well, it had a few "openings" in the roof. So, when it started raining, it was raining in the indoor pool too.
See the rain?
We stayed in the pools until the thunder started. Then we dressed and ordered food. They had burgers and stuff. It was really fun. We had a gal take this group photo of us.
L to R--me, Derik, Lawana (in front of Connor), Connor, Jared, Tracy, Nate, Nishana holding John, Jeffrey, Abram, and Jalane.

The weather was very stormy when we were coming back. I was very glad we weren't riding. There was lightening, pouring rain, major wind, and general nastiness. 

Tomorrow, Tracy will take us back to the campground so we do the entire route. Not particularly my idea, but alright...
Fingers crossed for good weather tomorrow!

And, a parting shot...
Getting a little bit of a grandma fix with John.

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