Friday, October 7, 2016

Day 36--Making Progress, But Boy is it Cold in the Morning!

It sure is tough to get out of a warm sleeping bag when everything is frozen! I put my clothes in the bottom of my sleeping bag, then lay there while they warm up. On the outside of my tent it looks like it snowed, but I really think it's just frost...heavy frost.
Water bottles, and just about everything liquid was frozen. 

The park ranger (BLM) came through this morning. We knew the park was closed, but the gate wasn't closed. The ranger didn't seem to have a problem with us being there. He was putting the cable across the entrance, but we were able to get under it pretty easy.

It was sunny when we left at our usual 9:30. Instead of taking the highway all the way to Pinedale, we cut over and rejoined the route before Cora. The road was paved, but it was much quieter than the highway. Maybe just a couple miles longer. Along that road we saw these guys.
By the way, see those snowy mountains? That's where we would have come from if we'd stayed on the route.
Some kind of deer? Or antelope?

A couple of miles after Cora, we turned onto a gravel road. It was so packed that it was like pavement. When we got back to the paved road, there was a bike path that ran alongside it. The path took us all the way into Pinedale. It was nearly noon, and we were hungry. I wanted to stop at Subway, so I could check a Wyoming Subway off my list. Instead, we went to a Brewery which had better food for sure, but now I still can't check a Wyoming Subway off my list! 

We were planning to stay in Boulder because there was no more camping options for a long distance. Turns out Boulder was just 11 more miles from Pinedale. We needed to restock groceries anyway, so we did that in Pinedale before we left. The next resupply place is Rawlins, 4 long days away. This is just the second time we've had to carry this much food. 

We left Pinedale on the highway. We were headed to an RV Park called Highline. It was a mile off the route. However, as we were riding, almost to Boulder, we saw another RV park right on the route. We're just a little over a mile from Boulder. This place has showers, laundry, wifi, and a "clubhouse", all for the low low price of $10! 
Hanging out in the clubhouse. It's warm in here!
That's snow outside the cowgirl's restroom!

It did end up being sunny and relatively warm. I say "relatively", as it is Fall...I'm sure tonight will be another freezing one.
The direction we're headed tomorrow. Pretty darn flat!

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