Monday, October 17, 2016

Day 46--Karma Can Be Kind of Strange

We got our stuff packed up this morning. I walked down to the post office to mail a couple of boxes (one to My Sweet Baboo, and another box home of things we are done with, or don't seem to need). It was about 50 degrees and cloudy. We knew the forecast was for rain around noon. Connor had taken his tent to Big Agnes at 8:00 or so. They said it would be ready in a couple of hours. Our plan was to leave the hotel around 9:45, ride back to where we had gotten off the route (near Big Agnes), stop at the grocery store so Connor could get his snacks, then be at Big Agnes to pick up his tent.

Once Connor got his snacks, Derik and I decided to head on along the Yampa River Core Trail (the route) while Connor waited for BA to call about his tent. We would wait for him at the end where we would get on the road. 
The Yampa River.
The Yampa River Core Trail

It had started to sprinkle a little. We rode along about 3 miles or so, and came upon the Steamboat Botanical Gardens. Of course, there's not much happening at this time of year, but since we were close to the end of the trail for us, we decided to wait for Connor there. It had started raining more, so we put our rain gear on. Then it started raining more. The temp dropped about 15 degrees. The rain was turning to hail. Derik looked at the weather and saw it would be raining until around 4:00 where we were heading. As much as the temp dropped, we were concerned it would be snowing at Lynx Pass where we were going, and would be camping tonight. Derik suggested maybe we should hang out another night in Steamboat. Since I was already freezing cold, I agreed wholeheartedly! Derik called the Rabbit Ear Motel and reserved a room. It was just a mile back on the trail. I called Connor and told him to meet us there (he was on his way). By the time we got to the motel it was rain/snowing. 

So, we made it about 6 miles today. The weather is supposed to be better tomorrow with just a 15% chance of rain, but with warmer temps. 
Funny thing, this is a much nicer hotel for not much more money. And, since breakfast is included, that makes it closer to the same price as the Western Lodge.

Karma is strange. If Connor had gotten his tent fixed yesterday, we would have been about another couple of hours up the road. Instead, we are cozy warm in a hotel room.

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