Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Day 40--Wild Horses!

We started with a 14 mile section of headwinds this morning. Connor was nice enough to stay with me (Derik started out after us, but caught up and rode with us). As we were riding along, I was thinking this was the last chance to see the wild horses of the Great Basin. Then I saw some horse poo. Where there's horse poo... Sure enough, there were the horses!
They were kind enough to run across the road in front of us!
Then they stopped so we could take another photo. Antelope could take a lesson from horses!

After the 14 miles, we were on pavement the remainder of the ride into Rawlins. The 25 miles to the highway were pretty good as there was a really good tailwind. My overall average for the day was 10.6 which is pretty good for me.

Yesterday, my face got wind burned. Today I took measures to prevent that.
It's still too windy for the Da Brim.

Once I got to the highway, we ate lunch sitting in the dirt behind some sagebrush to block the wind a bit. I've definitely had enough of the Wyoming wind! 

We had another 14 miles on the highway into Rawlins. It was mostly a crosswind, and there were a lot of big trucks. Fortunately, the shoulder was wide. We crossed the Divide, and therefore, left the Great Basin. Per the usual, the guys went on ahead and were waiting for me in Rawlins. 

We went to a grocery store in Rawlins and resupplied for the next three days. Since we didn't eat in the Subway in Pinedale, we had to eat at one in Rawlins because it's the last one before we leave Wyoming. I had to check a Wyoming Subway off my list, of course!

After Subway, we rode to the KOA. Since the wind was howling, and we were tired of camping in the wind (although it does seem to die down in the evening), we opted to get a cabin. This KOA will be closing for the season on Saturday, so they've already started to shut things down (sadly, they didn't offer a discount since we can't use the Kamp Kitchen).

Tomorrow is another 50 miler. I do hope the wind isn't so bad.

Here's a final photo from the Great Basin.
Still a whole lot of nothingness.

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