Saturday, October 15, 2016

Day 44--A Little Bike Maintanence, and Some John Denver Music

Derik and I went to a place called Winona's for breakfast. They are well known for their cinnamon rolls, so of course, I had to have one. It was pretty good! After breakfast we went to the natural foods market to get some stuff for lunch. We're trying not to spend so much money eating out while we are here in Steamboat Springs. 

On the way back, as we were walking by the Chief Theater, I noticed on the marquee it said 10/15--John Denver Tribute. I looked at my watch. What do you know, today is Oct. 15th! Even better, it turns out Derik likes John Denver music too (that's something I would never have guessed)! We decided to investigate, and get tickets if we could. Derik was able to order them online, and have them at Will Call. The concert was at 7:00.

In the meantime, we did a second load of laundry, and gave our bikes some attention. My rear tire was looking more worn than my spare (which was the original front tire that I changed in Helena because I couldn't get a folding tire for a spare), so I swapped them. I cleaned MC's drivetrain, and lubed the chain. Derik even asked the cleaning lady for a couple of rags. Our bikes are ready to go...well, Connor hasn't done anything to his yet. Maybe he will, maybe he won't. 

Once the chores were done, Derik and I set of to explore Steamboat a bit more. We went to Orange Peel Cycles first. It's in a weirdly shaped building.

Strange architecture! 

I bought an Orange Peel Cycles cap for when I can't wear my Da Brim (I'd still prefer to wear the Da Brim). Derik got some more chamois cream. We checked out some more shops. Derik wanted a coffee from Ristretto's Coffee Shop, so we went there. Turns out the artisan coffee they were serving is from Olympia Coffee Roasters! Pretty funny! I also did a little shopping for My Sweet Baboo (I'll send the box on Monday). 

We came back to the room to find Connor in the same place we left him, reading the Jack Reacher book Derik already finished (Derik got a couple more books). 

We finally got Connor out of the room by going to dinner. We just had pizza, then it was time for Derik and I to go to the concert. Connor went back to the room (he is not a fan of John Denver music).

The Chief Theater is an old theater where they have plays, concerts, and whatnot. It is relatively small, and it was full. The guy who was singing was Cowboy Brad Fitch. He is a John Denver Tribute singer (among other things). It's been 19 years since John Denver died. This was Cowboy Brad's fourth year coming to Steamboat. He looks a lot like John, and does a good job singing his songs. His backup singer was his sister, Melinda, and the guy playing cello and bass was his nephew, Eamonn. They sang all the favorites, and even played some requests. He even sang "Calypso", one of my favorites. The audience (including myself) sang along. There was only one song I wasn't familiar with (from a much later album). 
Eamonn looked a bit like Nolan, especially when he was playing the cello.

It was a good concert, and worth the money for sure! Tomorrow we'll continue our exploration of Steamboat by checking out the Hot Springs. Oh, and just out of town there are all these ski jumps. 
See the ski jumps? It's almost like they could land in town if they got going fast enough!

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