Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Day 33--Eating Our Way Through the Day in Jackson

We woke up to snow not far above us. When Derik looked at the weather on Togwotee Pass, there was snow. It affirmed our choice to come to Jackson. When I went down to breakfast, Derik told me he was thinking of going back to the route. He feels compelled to do the whole route if possible. I have no such feelings. He figures it will take him 3 days to get to Pinedale, whereas it will take me 1 1/2. Connor is undecided at this time whether he will go with me, or go with Derik. Personally, I think it would be better if he went with Derik. Then there would be two of them. I have no problem taking the highway by myself. 

After breakfast, we came back to the room to discuss the options. Then, Derik and I set out to walk around Jackson (Connor's idea of a rest day--even though this wasn't really intended to be a rest day--is to watch videos on his phone all day). First we went to a bakery called The Bunnery (I brought Connor an apple turnover). Then we went to Cowboy Coffee. I had a hot chocolate. Then we stumbled upon a place called CocoLove. It was a fancy chocolate place. We split a coconut bread pudding, and each had a small chocolate (mine was orange caramel and sea salt). It was all delicious! We wandered around a bit more, past the antler arches.

We saw this fella in front of the Jackson Mercantile.

We met up with Wendy for lunch at Cafe Genevieve.
I had a really good grilled cheese and tomato soup.

After lunch we went to the Yippee Yi O candy shop. We didn't really get much as we were pretty full.

Back to the hotel, Derik decided to go for a run. It had been spitting rain most of the day, but cleared up a bit this afternoon. It was still pretty cold though. When he got back, he headed out to get a massage (if I got a massage, I would be useless tomorrow--therefore, I'd have to stay in Jackson another day...wait...maybe I should have gotten a massage too!). I read (finished my 3rd book), and Connor continued his video watching.

We went to Snake River Brew Pub for dinner

So, basically, we have just eaten our way through the day here in Jackson!

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