Thursday, October 20, 2016

Day 49--Day 1 of the Long Drive Home...Might as Well Have a Little Fun

We packed up the bikes one more time this morning to ride to the U-Haul place. Once we had the truck, we secured the bikes and panniers in the back, and left Steamboat for good this time.

Google maps wanted to take us a way that would bypass Salt Lake City. Derik wanted to eat at the Red Iguana, a very good Mexican restaurant in Salt Lake. So, we went via Salt Lake. I drove until lunch, then Derik took over the driving.
When you are not driving, you can take pictures out the dirty windshield.

We rolled into Salt Lake around 4:00ish. We made our way to the Red Iguana where we had a delicious meal.
We were all stuffed.

We got back on the freeway for another hour or so to get to Willard Bay State Park. But, as we were driving along, in rush hour traffic, we saw a place where there was camping and an amusement park! We drove past the exit, but by the time we got to the next exit, Connor had looked up the camping and how much it cost to get into the amusement park. We decided to go back, and stay there. I told Connor he would have to pay for his own ticket to get into the amusement park. 

We pulled up to The Lagoon Campground and Amusement Park. The had a tent site that would accommodate our U-Haul truck. Because we were staying at the campground, we got discounted tickets for the park. We arrived about 6:00, but the park stays open until 11:00. We set up our tents, and headed over to the park.
It's all decorated for Halloween.

First we went on the bumper cars.

By the way, notice Connor got a haircut!

Then they decided they wanted to go on this monster of a ride called The Cannibal. Great, I thought, I'm gonna die!
That tower was an elevator that took the car to the top. The door opens at the top and you get a lovely view of the sunset. Then...well...I didn't see anything else, as my eyes were squeezed shut! I thought the headrest could have used a bit more padding.

Then we went on to a ride called The Bat. Another rollercoaster type ride but with your feet hanging down. This one was much more tame...more my style. After that, it was over to the old classic wooden rollercoaster. Connor and I were in the very back. Oh my God, it was the worst ride ever! Connor says it was so rough because we were in the back. Of course, the guys were ready to go on to the next torture, something called The Colossal. As I still felt like my innards had been shaken and stirred, I told them I would sit that one out. Instead, I went on the mild swings, then got a bottle of water. They went on a couple of rides. Once back together, we went over to The Spider. It's like the Mad Mouse, except the cars also turn around, so sometimes you are going backwards or sideways. After that one, even though it was just 8:45, I told the guys I was done. This body had been jolted and jerked enough for one night (maybe even more than one maybe a month...or even a lifetime). They took off with glee to the next bit of horror. I walked back to the campground and am now in my tent writing this. 

Tomorrow we'll have another long day of driving. Hoping to get to Pendleton. There is, apparently, a good band playing at some place Derik knows about in Pendleton. Could be interesting...

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