Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Day 37--A Warm Sunny Day...After Awhile

This morning didn't seem as cold as yesterday, but it probably was. It helped that there was a warm restroom and clubhouse that we could retreat to if necessary. In fact, Derik had gotten up ahead of Connor and I, made himself a cup of tea, and took it to the clubhouse where he read his new book (the clubhouse had several books for the taking).

We didn't get started until about 10:00. We only had 39 or 40 miles of which about 20 was pavement. We were winding our way toward the foothills of the Wind River Mountains. Although, it seemed pretty straight much of the time.
Not much there.

The guys were waiting for me at the end of the pavement. Derik had an apple, and was trying to give the core to a horse. The horse declined.
"It's delicious, trust me!"

We rode for awhile on the gravel before stopping for lunch. Just above Big Sandy Creek where we had lunch, there was this info board.
I don't know if you can read it, but it talks about all the people who used this route to come across the country.

Big Sandy Creek where we ate lunch.

Right after lunch, we had to climb up from the creek. I do so hate a climb right after eating! We turned at the top of the hill toward the mountains.

We gradually, and not so gradually climbed up to a saddle.
Some trees at the top (and snow too)!

The route became quite rollercoastery. I would have preferred a bigger down to the ups, but generally, no. Here was a pretty one through the aspen trees.
One of the nicer downhills.

When I caught up to the guys, Derik was doing a little yoga/stretching.

We had just about 3 1/2 more miles to get to Little Sandy Creek where we would be camping. As I came down a hill, I could see the guys in a cow pie filled meadow saying this was the spot. There was a small creek. So we set up our tents trying to avoid the cow pies.

Connor did some adjustment on his handlebars, and took his bike for a ride to test them out. He came back and said Little Sandy Creek was about 1/4 mile away. He was for packing up and moving there. Derik and I were not. Still, we walked there to filter water.

A much better creek--Little Sandy.
Filtering 6 liters at a time is a two person job--actually three, as Derik was manning the containers.

On the way there, and at the creek there were sign posts for the Oregon Trail and the California Trail.
California Trail.

We cooked our dinner and then Derik went to sit on the rock that looks like a squirrel/hamster.
I think squirrel. Derik thinks hamster. What do you think?

The sun is setting and it promises to be another cold night. Hopefully the sun will be on us soon in the morning.

Here's a parting shot for today.
Connor was trying to ride out of the shot. He failed!

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