Monday, July 2, 2018

July 2: Adventures in Painting

Just a short post about today’s activities...

We saw Incredibles 2 today. It was going to be Judy, Jared, and I, but when we got to the theater, the movie was pretty much sold out. Since Jared had another commitment in the afternoon, we decided Judy and I would get tickets for a later show, get an early lunch with Jared, then take him back home, and go back to the theater. The rain was bucketing down and the traffic was backed up on the freeway on our way back to the theater. Then, when we got back to the theater, the parking lot was full. Judy just dropped me off (movie tickets here are for assigned seats), while she went looking for a parking spot. Fortunately, movies are the same here as at home...about 20 minutes of previews. I came in as the last preview was starting. Judy came in about halfway through the short film. So, neither of us missed any part of the movie. 

Let me tell you about the theater. It was very plush. The seats are all recliners. Push a button and the footrest comes up, and the seat back reclines. The arm rests are large enough to set a bucket of popcorn and a drink on, and still have room for your arms. Even with the seats reclined, there’s plenty of room to walk by. This is all for the usual price of a movie ticket. Anyway, we both enjoyed the movie.

This evening we had one of those painting classes where everyone paints the same thing. We painted a poppy. Having never done one of these classes before, I wasn’t to sure how the painting would turn out. I figured this would be the best it would look.

That’s right...a blank canvas

We did the pencil part first, then moved on to the actual painting. Partway through we were told to take a break and step back to look at our paintings. It was supposed to look better from farther away.

I’m not sure the room was large enough to get far enough away for it to look better.

I just kept slapping on the paint until it was all done. We did a big group photo, then we did a photo of the 7 of us who had dined together (friends of Cathie).

All poppies, but all different.

All in all, it was fun. Haven’t decided if I’ll actually bring mine home (I can take it off the frame)...

Cathie hard at work

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