Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Kathmandu-A Feast for the Senses-Part 1

We have arrived in Kathmandu! What an amazing assault on our senses! Bhola met us at the airport (getting 7 people’s luggage out the door was something).

Somewhere underneath all that is a trolley. 

Our transport arranged by Bhola. 

Bhola gave us all the traditional welcome to Nepal flower necklaces. 

Makaela and Jenny with their flowers (these are the flowers in season right now).

Driving from the airport to our hotel was…well, let’s just say I’m glad I wasn’t driving! It was crazy! Cars, motorcycles, and scooters, going every which way, and even a few bicycles! Horns honking, as they weave in and out of other vehicles, and pedestrians too! It’s like my head was on a swivel trying to take it all in! Here’s a few photos I took from the van. 

The”river” has quite a bit of trash in it 

Fruit and veg stand 

We arrived at our hotel, and unloaded all the bags. We were told to take a photo of the hotel, and also get the address in case we got lost (oh so easy to do!). 

This is our hotel…Jampa Hotel. 

We eventually all got our rooms. Makaela and I have a room with three twin beds. So far, amongst our group, we have the only shower with hot water. 

Jeff took some of our cash and exchanged it to rupees for us. Basically, we get 1000 rupees for $7.26USD. We each got 26,000 rupees. 

Having showered, and done a wee bit of organizing of stuff, John, Jenny, Sean, Makaela, and I met in the lobby to go do a little exploring (Heather was taking a nap and so was Jeff).

You have to watch for vehicles, and also for holes in the road, all while gawking around at all there is to see!

Little temple. We took photos of things like this to leave a bread crumb trail to find our way back. 


Ginormous avocados!

The photos don’t do justice to all there is. 

I didn’t get any photos of the dogs, but there are quite a few that roam around. We did see one cat, and a few chickens. 

Those who drink beer wanted to find some, and we ended up on this high up bar and restaurant called Local. 

The view from the restaurant. Our hotel is at the turn. 

Five of the seven (left to right, me, John, Sean, Makaela, and Jenny. 

The first woman to summit Everest. She was Sherpa. 

After a couple of rounds of beer (Coke for Sean and I) and a few orders of Momos, we headed back out on the street. At the end of our trip, we will return to Kathmandu, and have a couple of days to explore more, and shop (you can get knockoffs of everything). Today we were just looking. Running out of steam a bit again, we came back to the hotel. We’ll meet again in the lobby to go to…I think, a temple, then go to dinner. I’ll post those photos with Part 2.

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