Saturday, August 26, 2017

Aug 26--Day 75--Forests, Hills, and Rain--Feels Like Home!

I actually had to bring out my climbing legs today! They were a little rusty.


The rain started before I even left the campground, but then it quit for awhile. I stopped just 6 miles down the road at the Mattoon grocery as I knew I would not have any other food opportunity today.


The rain started again in earnest about 15 miles in. It didn't quit, and still hasn't quit as I sit here in my tent typing up this post. It's not a downpour, just continuous. 


The hills were not terrible, but I did have to use my easiest gear a few times. I can't remember the last time I had to use it. There was this sign for a ski hill!

An actual hill!



Not only is this area of Wisconsin pretty heavily forested (there is even a Forest County), but there are a ton of lakes of all different sizes. I wish it wasn't raining as I think it would be quite scenic.


On my map today there was another trail--the Wolf River Trail. ACA did not say it could be used as a shortcut like the Mountain-Bay Trail, even though it was shorter. I discovered why. It was more of an ATV trail (although bikes were allowed on it). The gravel was pretty heavy. It would have been perfect for Mama Cass, but Tilmann would have struggled a bit. I'm sure he could have done it if we'd had to, but we didn't. If it hadn't been raining, I might have tried a short section.

Wolf River Trail



After 55 wet miles, I arrived at Veteran's Memorial Park. I'm not bothering with a shower because I have enough wet things, I don't need to add my towel. 

Would be prettier if it wasn't raining




By this time next Saturday I should be back in Minneapolis!

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