Sunday, August 27, 2017

Aug 27--Day 26--Bear Karma, And My Own Little Cabin on the Lake

Today was another full day of riding in the rain. It mostly drizzled. Still, I ended up pretty wet. Combine that with yesterday's wetness, and most of my riding clothes are wet. Putting on the still soaking wet arm warmers this morning was...delightful. But, once I had my rain coat on, I was warm enough.


Today I continued riding by multiple lakes. I really wish the weather had been nice because I'm sure it would have been beautiful.

Whitefish Lake--would be beautiful I'm sure.

On the upside, this being Sunday, there probably would have been a lot more traffic if it had been sunny. As it was, there was very little traffic on the winding roads. There was much more traffic on the highways, but there was a shoulder then. 


The best road (even in the rain) was Military Rd. Scenic Byway. It was winding and a rollercoaster. It was really fun. It was through the Nicolet National Forest. Here's a little info.

Nicolet National Forest



I had decided to even out today and tomorrow's mileage by camping sooner today, then making up the miles tomorrow to make two 60ish mile days. Also, since it was raining all day, I was hoping for someplace under cover, or maybe...someplace indoors! On my map there was a place called Buckatabon Lodge and Lighthouse Inn. They allowed camping too, so I had my bases covered. 


I finished the Manitowoc Alternate Route, and have now rejoined the North Lakes main route. I should now be heading in a more westerly direction. Although today was definitely the day to be going mostly north as the wind was out of the south.


After about two miles on the main route out of Conover, I turned to go the 1 1/2 miles off route to Buckatabon. I was pedaling along when, not far ahead, A BEAR WALKED ACROSS THE ROAD!!!! I'M NOT KIDDING!!! A BLACK BEAR WALKED ACROSS THE ROAD!!! I stopped. OF COURSE I STOPPED--A BEAR WAS WALKING ACROSS THE ROAD!!! I got out my camera, but I couldn't get it turned on and zoomed in fast enough before THE BEAR went into the bushes. DANG!!! I knew there was a reason why I decided to end my day earlier! I thought it was to even out the miles, but NO. IT WAS TO SEE A BEAR WALK ACROSS THE ROAD!!! HOW LUCKY WAS THAT???

Really! There was a bear there!!!



I arrived at the lodge just as Kathy, one of the owners, was walking out of the house (the office is down on the lake). I asked if they had anyplace indoors I might stay tonight. She said they do, but none of the cabins had been cleaned yet. I said I wasn't that picky. After all, I've spent most of my nights in a tent! I really just needed to dry out my clothes. My tent was surprisingly dry this morning. It must have stopped raining for a bit during the night. The wind was blowing pretty good this morning. It probably dried it out.


She brought me to Cabin 2. It looked pretty clean to me. She asked how much I thought she should charge me. She said she certainly wasn't going to charge me the $150.00 rate for one night! I told her I had no idea. She suggested $50, and I said sure! She grabbed some sheets for the bed (there's actually two bedrooms), and even brought me a drying rack!

My little cabin




So, I've got a wonderful cabin on Buckatabon Lake for the night, AND I SAW A BEAR!!!

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Sandra Callahan said...

I've been on your blog list for the last three years or so because of a couple friends of mine you met in Washington or Oregon - Carolyn Helmkamp and Martha Blackman. Love watching your travels and know why they both thought you were so amazing. Hope you have many more adventures both on and off the bike.