Monday, August 7, 2017

Aug 7--Day 56--Happy Canada Day, Eh

Apparently, today is Canada Day. So, Happy Canada Day!

The sign says so



I got a wee bit later start this morning--maybe due to my long day yesterday. Things were still damp, but you know what they say about wool. It keeps you warm, even if it's wet. 


My shorts were still very wet (the ones I washed yesterday). I seriously wondered if they would get dry on the bike today. If there was sun, then for sure, but it was overcast all day. Still, they got pretty close to dry.


Most notable today was the lack of wind. It's amazing how much faster I can go! Plus there weren't many hills. 


I stopped just outside of Kingston at a Tim Horton's for a break and a snack. I talked to a guy who has done some touring. He was testing out how long it would take him to ride to work, as he has a new job. He asked where I was going tonight. I told him Napanee. He looked at my Ontario map, and told me I should do Picton Island instead of following the Waterfront Trail. In my head I was saying nope, I would stick to the Trail. To him I said, "Great, sounds good!" 


I rode through the madhouse of Kingston. It's a city of 122,000 people. On top of that, it's Canada Day, so there was all kinds of stuff going on. I just did my best to follow the trail signs through town. 

Interesting name for a street




Out of Kingston proper, I was riding along a road that basically ended at the Lemoine Conservation Area. The signs had led me there, so I assumed there was a trail. There was, which I followed until I came to where the trail was closed due to flooding. I worked my way out of Lamoine, but then had no idea where I was. Time to fire up the Garmin. I put in the address for the campground, and let Garmin take me there. Guess where the campground is. It's on Picton Island! Apparently, some of my reverse karma was at work here. 

And now, back to Lake Ontario!



After riding, and riding, and riding some more, I finally reached the campground. Today should have been about 63 miles since I went further yesterday. However, with the detour and all, it was 69 miles. At least my ride time was considerably less.


This is another place where most of the people are seasonal. The tent area is way in the back. It's a nice area, but it's a little lonely.

It's lonely out here is tent land



I really needed to do laundry. I had the necessary coinage, but no detergent. I asked one of the seasonal people if they had a load's worth of detergent I could buy. Brandy just gave me some. So, now I will have clean AND dry clothes!



There's not many photos today. There really wasn't much to take pictures of, unless you want to see farms and fields. Here's some pretty flowers though.

Field of purple


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