Monday, August 28, 2017

Aug 28--Day 77--An Altogether Pretty Good Day

After the first few days of riding by dairy farm after dairy farm, I thought I just wanted to get across Wisconsin and back to Minneapolis. While it is still true that I'm looking forward to getting back to Minneapolis and My Sweet Baboo and Little Miss, I am really enjoying Wisconsin now. Even the last two days in the rain weren't that bad, and of course there was THAT BEAR I SAW!


Speaking of bears, I was on the lookout as I left this morning. I didn't see any bears, but I saw a few deer--not nearly as exciting. It wasn't raining this morning (yay!), and the road continued to be rolling hills past numerous lakes.

Still a little foggy and cloudy, but not raining!



I picked up the Crystal Lake Bike Path into Boulder Junction. It was a nice path into town. I decided I would look for a restaurant for 2nd breakfast. I haven't had the opportunity for awhile. As I pulled into the parking lot of The Granery Restaurant, another couple pulled in on bikes. They were there to eat too, so I asked if I could join them. Jeff and Vicki are retired educators from Madison. We had a wonderful time chatting at breakfast. They were camping in Boulder Junction and were out for a ride on the trails. 

New friends, Vicki and Jeff



Besides the Crystal Lake Trail, there is also the Heart of Vilas County Trail. It's a very nice trail that goes from Boulder Junction to Manitowish Waters. After our breakfast and taking photos, we rode together for awhile on the Heart of Vilas Co. Trail. 


We said our goodbyes (they turned back, and I continued on). I was on the trail for 13 miles. I crossed a few bridges, and meandered through the trees.

Heart of Vilas Co. Trail

Yes, Jeff, I also saw the geraniums. There were a handful of people picking berries along the trail. I looked closer, and saw they were little wild blackberries. I had one. It was pretty sweet. It would sure take a lot to make a pie though! 

Tiny blackberries



My route didn't go all the way to Manitowish Waters. I had to get off and get back on the county road. Vicki thought it might now go all the way to Mercer (my next town), but she wasn't sure. I think she could be right though because when I arrived in Mercer, I needed to get groceries. By the grocery store, there was a trail that came from the other end of town in the direction of Manitowish. So, maybe there is a trail that goes from Manitowish Waters to Manitowish, then to Mercer. I'll have to look it up when I get a chance.


After restocking my food, I noticed there was a Subway right next door! Since I hadn't really had a full meal at a Wisconsin Subway, I decided I would eat a late lunch there. I only had about 7 miles to go to get to the campground. 




The guy in Subway asked me which way I was going. I told him County Road FF. He said I should find another way as they had the road all torn up. Well, there really isn't another way. He didn't know how long the construction area was. I wasn't terribly worried as Tilmann can handle gravel pretty good.


I'm glad there wasn't an alternative, because the construction was only for two miles. It wasn't bad at all. I would have been mad if I'd gone out of my way to avoid two miles.




Lake of the Falls County Park is not very big, only about 33 sites. There is only one other occupied site, but no one seems to be there. They do have a brand new restroom/shower building, which is great! I don't know where or if there are actual Falls near here. All I can see is a lake.

Lake of the Falls

I hope there are loons, because I really like their call. If not, at least I saw this one today in Mercer.

One giant Loon!




Five more days and I'll be back in Minneapolis!!!

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