Tuesday, August 1, 2017

July 30--Day 48--A More Interesting Day on This, My Last Day in Maine



I was told the climbing would be non-stop until Eustis (after Sugarloaf). I wouldn't call it non-stop, and I almost wouldn't call it climbing. Sure, there were a few short but decent uphills, but really, only one nasty one, and that was just after Sugarloaf, and it wasn't very long. Truth is, the hills yesterday were worse. However, the scenery was much more pleasant today. I continued to follow the Kennebec River for most of the day.

Kennebec River



At Sugarloaf, I stopped at the library and used the wifi. The library wasn't open, of course (this being Sunday), but the wifi was not password protected. I love it when it's like that!

A loaf of sugar, what could be better?



I also crossed the Appalachian Trail again. This crossing wasn't as well marked as the one in New Hampshire, but I took these photos anyway. Interestingly, the AT has a ferry that goes across the Kennebec River. There was a schedule attached to a tree.




I've mentioned before about the rest stops. There were actually two today. I didn't stop at the first one, but I stopped at the one at Sarampus Falls. The Falls weren't all that spectacular, but it made for a nice break. I could see these wind turbines up on the hill.

Tiny falls



I'm staying at a campground called Nantanis Point. It's in the Chain of Ponds area in between Nantanis Pond, and Round Pond. In fact, my campsite sits between the two ponds. I can walk to either one. Nantanis is larger. I thought about going swimming, but although it is sunny, there's a breeze, and it's not that warm. 

Nantanis Pond

Round Pond



I finally saw a Loon. I've heard their call many nights, but never actually seen one. I ran with my camera to the water's edge. It kept diving. I watched where it went down, and waited...and waited...then I see it is way far away! How did it get that far??? So, no photo. Maybe I'll get another chance.


I think I am about 4 or 5 miles from the border. I asked, and the border is open 24/7. 



WAIT!!! I see the Loon again! It's still too far, but maybe there is hope for a photo! Okay! I got a few photos! They're not the best, but better than nothing.

Can you see him?


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