Thursday, August 10, 2017

Aug 8--Day 57--We Are Triplets!

First a couple of corrections from yesterday's post. One, I was not on Picton Island because there is no Picton Island--I hadn't taken the ferry yet. Secondly, the island I referred to as Picton Island is Prince Edward Island. Picton is a town on Prince Edward Island. There is also a town called Wellington, and a place called Christchurch. One would think I was in New Zealand!


I arrived at the Glenora Ferry just as the ferry was departing. No worries--I only had to wait 30 minutes for it to return. It gave me time to look around and take a couple photos.

Just missed it!

The water from the ferry terminal



The ferry ride was short and free. It turns out it is the Waterfront Trail! I think what the guy was telling me yesterday is that the Waterfront Trail did not go to the town of Napanee. It followed the water to the ferry, then continued on the island.

On the ferry



I stopped in Picton for a snack and some groceries. Fortunately, there was a Metro grocery store as this was a bigger resupply, not just a couple of bananas. My snack was at another Tim Horton's. I like them because they have those hash brown patties, and of course...donuts. I'd go for a breakfast sandwich, but they all have egg on them.


The Trail on the island was all on 33. It had pretty good shoulders except through the towns, but the speed was lower going through the little towns.


Eventually I was riding along Lake Ontario, or at least I could see it. I had just passed the town of Consecon when a couple of touring cyclists were coming the other direction. They crossed over to me. That alone told me they weren't Canadian. All the touring cyclists I've seen in Canada have waved, but not stopped. Anyway, they were Jackie and John from Texas. They started in Seattle, but have spent more time in Canada. As we were talking, I noticed they also had belt drives on their bikes, and Rohloffs, and Son 28 dynamo hubs! They also had Ortlieb bags and SKS fenders! Why, it was as if we were triplets! Our bikes weren't the same (I think they rode Santos), and they had rim brakes vs me having disc brakes, but they had the same handlebars as me! It was awesome! Plus, they were really fun to talk to. I gave them my Montreal map, and the map from the Route Verte. That would really help them through Montreal. They said they were doing about 45 miles a day. I think that's pretty standard for two people. I think I end up doing more miles because it's just me. Overall, there is less stopping, and it takes less time for one person to get ready in the morning. Anyway, it was great to chat with them--a nice break for me, and getting to talk to more touring cyclists.

John and Jackie



Not long after leaving Jackie and John, I made the turn onto CR 64 which took me over to Brighton and the road to Presquille Provincial Park. The day was supposed to be 44 miles. Of course it was more. At least it was only 8 miles more. Just after leaving the island, there were two little girls running a lemonade stand. I stopped and had a glass. They said they weren't trying to save for anything in particular, they just wanted to do it. That's good because, according to mom, they were drinking as much lemonade as they were selling!


Presquille PP is quite nice and very large. It is right on Lake Ontario. I still have trouble wrapping my brain around the fact that this huge body of water is a lake! With the waves and all, you'd definitely think it was an ocean or a sea.

Beach at Presquille



It's quite a few kilometers from Brighton, but I think I don't have to go all the way back. I'm going to ask at the Entrance Station.


I've met Julie and Rob, my neighbors across from me. Julie is very interested in bike touring. She was very curious about my gear. They live not far from here. They said this park didn't even open until June due to the excess rain causing the lake to be high, and flood the campground. Still, some of the beaches are closed. 



Tomorrow is another Provincial Park. It is, supposedly, 63 miles. Undoubtably, it will be more.

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