Sunday, August 6, 2017

Aug 6--Day 55--From One Parkway to Another

This morning, I completed the Long Sault Parkway by riding over 9 islands (Milles Roche makes it 10). It was nice and quiet on a Sunday morning. I saw numerous herons, geese, and even a trio of turkeys.

Morning view from the Parkway


Good shadow!


After the Parkway, I was back on a bike path. It wound around through the trees, which was nice as it kept the wind at bay. I went through Upper Canada Village, but didn't really stop. I felt like I already had a pretty good sense of the history of the Parkway and the Lost Villages.


The path was paved, but for a bit it was a gravel road, then a gravel path. It was all pretty easy, and the signage was good. The path led me back out to Hwy 2. When I would come to a town, the trail would go off 2, then rejoin it after the town. It seemed like some gratuitous miles, but I followed it.

Mostly out of the wind

Dirt and gravel

Gravel path



At Iroquois, the Waterfront Trail did the same thing, going around the s time, however, when I returned to Hwy 2, there wasn't a sign. Across the road where another road came out, I could see the back of a sign. I went over there, and it was a Waterfront Trail sign. Did that mean the route went down that road? There was no sign saying so, but I had to assume that was the way to go. Hey 2 did not have a shoulder, so I figured the route designers were bypassing that section. The only problem was there was no sign. I followed the road, still never seeing a sign. Finally, I turned on Garmin, and plugged in the next town. When I got to Cardinal, it was the same thing. There were signs coming from the other direction, but none for the direction I was going. I just got on 2 anyway. Finally, I saw a sign! Would it have killed them to put a few more signs up??? And...there was still no shoulder! That little jog around from Iroquois to Cardinal added a few miles to an already long day. But wait! It was to get even longer!

The Blue Church

Info about the Blue Church



My destination was Brown's Bay on the Thousand Islands Parkway. It was near Mallorytown (how about that--my daughter-in-law has a town named after her!). I got on the Parkway where the Waterfront Trail became a bike path again. I stopped at an info sign and realized, according to the sign, Brown's Bay was only a picnic and beach area. The nearest camping was at Ivy Lea Campground, near the other end of the Parkway. 

Bike path along the 1000 Islands Parkway

Some of the 1000 islands are very small, yet still there is a house on it!!!


I resigned myself to riding the extra miles. At least it would make tomorrow shorter. Unlike the Long Sault Parkway which was pancake flat, this Parkway was mostly rollers. That was okay, my butt was tired of just flat anyway. Then to add to the more miles, it started to rain. This time I did put my rain jacket on! It rained the entire rest of the way to the campground. As luck would have it, by the time I got to my site, and went to the bathroom, it had stopped. Now, if only the wet things will get dry (especially my s Campground is situated right by a bridge to New York. I passed another bridge to New York earlier in the day. 



As for how many miles I rode today, it ended up being my second longest day of this tour with 80.5 miles. Curiously, I left Milles Roches at 7:00am. I arrived at my campsite at 4:20. That's 9 hours and 20 minutes. My ride time was 8:11. That means I was only off the bike for 1 hour and 9 minutes. No wonder my butt is tired!

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