Friday, July 23, 2010

1726.2 Miles and 33 Days Later

Well, actually, if I count the train, it's about twice the miles and 35 days.

I am, once again, home. I am so glad that I was able to post blog entries from the road. There is so much to remember! Just trying to remember all the photos (some of which I will post in the next post) is a challenge!

As I was coming back on the train, and going past many of the places I either rode by or stayed at, I started compiling a "list" of memories. So, in no particular order, here it is. Oh, and they are all good memories.

Having a tailwind on my first day that made the ride to Grayland much faster.

Changing my plans on the second day and staying at Bruceport Co. Park instead of Bay Center KOA. That saved me about $20!

The rain stopping just long enough for me to fix my breakfast and take down my tent. Then stopping again when I rode across the bridge at Astoria.

My first experiance with Couchsurfing (at Tony's in Coos Bay and Erikka's in Huntington Beach) and loving it! Also had great experiances with Warmshowers (Barb in Eureka and Ryan and Meredith in San Diego).

The first day of blue sky in the morning at Humbug Mtn.

Camping with so many of the same people night after night. The most nights was with Christian at 10 nights. Carling was second most with 9.

7 of us all going to dinner across the street at Standish-Hickey (me, Carling, Jess, Christian, Joan and Werner, and Mike).

Seeing Joan and Werner at Samuel P. Taylor when I had almost given up getting to see them again.

Strawberries straight from the field!

The green turtles at the Monterey Bay Aguarium.

Jeremy, the person I spent the most time riding with (including back on the train).

Discovering how good honey "shots" (pouring honey straight out of the container into my mouth) are (even under a overpass on the highway).

The vibrant orange field of Marigolds.

Jeremy's "Cookie Crisp" (crumbled chocolate chip cookies in a bowl with chocolate milk).

Swimming in the pool at the RV park in Oceano (State Park was full and no Hiker/Biker sites).

Dolphins swimming just off the beach on my way through LA.

85 mile day through LA and not really being that tired.

The tar at Carpinteria (weird stuff).

Seeing Kathryn and Anthony (and finding out where they stayed in Oceano) at Leo Carillo.

Getting to the border and realizing I had made it (then being a little bummed that the ride was just about over--just had the ride back to San Diego).

Of course, there are a bazillion other memories, but these are just a few of the highlights.

Hmmm...for next year's ride....

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